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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple Keynote 2010: Apple iPad

It has been some times ppl rumours about the Apple new Tablet device. The Apple CEO Steve Jobs had just announced their latest creation ~ iPad at The Apple Keynote 2010 held on 27 Jan 2010 in San Francisco.

Size and weight

9.56 inches (242.8 mm)
7.47 inches (189.7 mm)
0.5 inch (13.4 mm)
1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) Wi-Fi model;
1.6 pounds (0.73 kg) Wi-Fi + 3G model

check out some pictures take from

something bigger than an iPhone and smaller than a macbook.... iPad is fully touch-screen with the latest wireless 802.11n WIFI, and bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. It is indeed very light and slim which you can carry it anywhere..

the keyboard will just pop out when is needed...

the iPad has the built in calendar, address book, photos where it just to flick through and share your photos.

great maps app with Google Maps.

of coz not the missing the iTunes and Apps store

full screen of movies and games

current iPhone games are capable for it...

the newest iBook store where you can own a library of your own in the iPad

purchase from iBook and just like reading a book

new Apps ~ iWork apps for just US$9.99

Battery life for 10 hours but i really doubt it since my iPhone is draining very fast when you surf the web and using it on games..

the iPad syncs over USB with iTunes exactly like an iPhone or iPod touch. so when you sync, you sync everything. including photos, music, movies, Tv shows, contracts, calendars, bookmarks, apps...etc..

the iPad price range from lowest of US$499 for 16GB storage wifi model to $699 for 64GB storage and additional of US$130 for wifi + 3G model. However, it seems like not the normal sim card for 3G, its using the micro-SIMs... though all models are unlocked !

all apple products come with lots of great accessories... currently now is the Dock... which attached with a keyboard.. just nice like using a laptop at home..

iPad casing... i'm loving this... it can be foldable.. as a stand for vertical and horizontal and it can close it just like a laptop while protecting the huge screen too

Disappointment of iPad?
I was hoping for a XXS of Macbook but it appear to be the XXL of iPhone 3GS hence it's still lack of the camera. and Why not iPad add on with the build-in Isight camera? it will be more fun with it.
Lack of flash in safari for iPad... no facebook games...
Will the SDK developer create a Microsoft office apps? where one can edit/ create the words, excel etc rather than just viewing on the iPad.
Besides that still wish that iPad can store the files just like a macbook does without sync through iTunes.

Lastly the Apple iPad will be shipped out in US end of March for wifi model and April for wifi + 3G model. So when will it reach Malaysia? Just stay tuned... =]

check out further information of the features, tech specs and design from Apple web: iPad

Apple iPad Introduction Video from youtube

Actually I was feeling weird when first saw the name of this latest apple device but i thought is just me thinking too much.... however later found this hilarious clip... i think Apple should really think twice of creating a better name for its device in future... hahhaaa

* shall i put iPad into my wish list of 2010 now??


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my 365 days of year 2009

As i wrote about my 366 days of year 2008 last year.. I hope I can routine this habbit every year! Finally got some time to summarize the things i did or i went through for year 2009!

Year 2009 is the fastest year that I ever met lolz why? becoz it's just a glance of eye... every month is just like water flowing passed only. Can't even catch hold of it.

I think I really will missed 2009 because many happy and great things happened during the year. Luckily with the help of blogging, i can jod down some of the things as human grow older, I'm having shorterm memory lost quite often... hahhaaa

January :
- birthday month
- watch Sammi's movie Lady Cop & Papa Crook
- bot my first cash out cheque from Nuffnang !
- bought myself a birthday gift
- watched the All's Well End's Well 2009 movie
- CNY back hometown eat alot

February :
- lou sang with colleagues
- celebrate Valentine's Day with see wei and leng jie
- Company dinner at Tenji for Japanese buffet

March :
- went cycling with sing leng and friends @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia
- iPhone 3G launching in Malaysia @ KLCC
- participate on my own Earth Hour 2009
- watched the curious case of Benjamin Button, Marley & Me and Dragonball evolution movies

April :
- got my new iPod touch
- watched the Confessions of shopaholic and Shinjuku Incident movies

May :
- first time to warehouse sales! gosh is too crowded.
- mother's day shopping like mad
- first time being bridesmaid
- watched the worst movie of the year - burn after reading

June :
- back hometown eat and eat 2

July :
- watched Transformers and ice age 3 movies
** boring July

August :
- sold my iPhone 3G and got my second dream phone iPhone 3GS from Maxis
- days started without MSN and facebook at work! =.=''
** boring August too!

September :
- got a new toy - Canon EOS 500D
- a trip to China - Dalian, Shenyang and Beijing (havent blog it yet =D)

October :
- went to Hong Kong with Bobo and Iris
- watched 2 nights of HOCC SUPERGOO's Concert !

November :
- sent my time capsule for repair, and got a new replacement
- received Love Mi Concert tickets from Hong Kong.
- started Badminton exercise with Jean, Chris, Bobo and Wei Yeen

December :
- went Hong Kong again for almost 2 weeks
- enjoy the trip with duckie
- watched 4 nightz of Sammi Cheng's LOVE MI World Tour Concert in HK
- celebrated Christmas and New Year Countdown with Sammi !!

Beginning of year looks quite peaceful.. hahaaa but second half of the year is quite happening. Went for a few trips all in CHINA !!! hong kong also consider china lolz.... the most crazy thing is that i went Hong Kong twice within 3 months for HOCC and Sammi's concert !! hahahaaa

It is really very tiring not of traveling but of planning... because when going for China trip i'm planning for Oct trip... and even before i fly HK in oct.. i'm planning and arranging for Dec HK trip already. Later before i'm flying to HK in december i'm planning for next year Feb trip to Singapore. then later i back from hk in January.. i have to plan for Sammi concert in March @ Genting =.=''

Afterall... i'm still happy for planning all these... hahahaaa i can imagine that coming year 2010 will be greater and more fantastic too!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pre Birthday Celebration 2010

So fast is January 2010 la......!!!!
a month that i always refuse to face it.... becoz is my birthday month... just come to a start of new year.. and i am one year older already... >.<

tonight went out with colleague for dinner... Paddington House of Pancake.
now their dishes are name according to Countries names... hahaa i just remember got Miami, Argentina and etc etc... will update in my food blog later.

the surprise birthday cake... because is 2 days earlier.. hahahaaa
i'm only 1 year old..!!!! yeah...

the cake is unique... many layers... of dark chocolate cake, white chocolate cake and cream

the guys went to toilet.... so just gals in the photo... hahhaaa

after dinner we went for a movie... initially planning to watch Sherlock Holmes but left front row only... so we pick the ''Old Dogs''...

it is a comedy... can actually laugh non-stop from start till the end...!!! hahaha
anyone need some dis-stress??... look for this film...

**thanks for the night and everything !! **


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