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Monday, May 4, 2009

got my iPod touch !

that day Dad told me that he is getting me an iPod nano ... i was wondering how come so sudden he gave me an iPod... hahaha so he said that is from points redemption..

then i was so excited and happy as i love all apple products..!!!  somemore i havent got an iPod yet besides iMac and iPhone 3G.

however, after a depth thinking, and i found out the difference points of redeeming an iPod nano and iPod touch is just by a few hundred points... so i tell Dad to change to iPod touch instead as he can then use it to online and check mails when going oversea...  further iPod nano is much cheaper... i can afford to buy it myself in future... 

yeah... he change it to iPod touch at last... 

got the parcel after 2 weeks.... ^.^

the brand new iPod touch 2nd generation !!!! 

with 16GB capacity..

In the box : 

- iPod touch
- Earphones
- USB 2.0 cable
- Dock adapter
- Polishing cloth
- Quick Start guide

turning on after registered thru itunes with my imac... 

back of it

comparison of iPod touch and my iPhone 3G !!! 

hahaha have to teach Dad to use it....  
currently he used it to check emails and online reading the latest new updates...  will get him some sudoku game soon..
he used it more often than me now !!... coz all the features of iPod touch is within my iPhone 3G already.... so i don't need it after all.... (just for my collection heheee)  
really glad that Dad is enjoying it now.... BUT cannot let him know the apple accessories are so expensive.... lolz...

i'll curi curi buy the casing for him...  =]


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  1. aww...that's so sweet of you to buy a case for your father...


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