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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day...!!! today of coz is accompany mum the whole day.... hahhaa

brought mum to Pavilion....

had our lunch at Emperor Q (MOF) blog ~ the service today is quite terrible slow.... especially the dessert.... the first table beside us went off without ordering because they requested for the food first coz rushing for a movie but got rejected by the waiter.... then came another couple they went off just paying 2 glass of drinks because can't wait for their food.... =.=''  

we ordered Minced Pork Mee Suah (肉嘲麵線) 

and Spare Rib with vinegar 

Pearl Mocha Latte 

also ordered dessert ~ Mixed red bean and mocha sweet potato and yam ... but its too long so we cant wait also... aiks

then mum start her shopping spree !!!! 

see what we took back home at last....

part of these... is all free goodies...!!!!

spend more than RM500 in a single receipt on the Pavilion EON Bank card will have :
1) a luggage bag from Pierre Cardin that worth RM199 
2) a goodie bag / free make over and an A4 photo for mum 
3) a rose 

spend RM200 OR RM150 on EON Bank Pavilion card :
1)  a goodie bag / free make over and an A4 photo for mum 

at last we too a rose, a luggage bag and 3 goodie bag home !!!!

the bag is not lousy free gift oh.... it looks quite solid and useful.... really worth it....

the pink rose... it smell good... hahhaa

each goodie bag have a Pavilion glass ... some L'Occitane samples and a pile of discount vouchers ...  

buying a skin care and any other product from Bobbi Brown get a free lip gross and a free gift too

its 2 little cute cupcakes..!!!!

Dad went outstation.... so at night Brother and I brought mum for dinner.... wanted to go Wong Poh for dinner... but end up its too crowded so we changed to NZX - Loong Grill Fish Cafe

Macau tomato egg (got pork meat inside too)

roast salt 椒鹽 squid 

lemon chicken

fried and steam taufu 

yoyooo.... mum was so happy... hahhaaaa   but i'm very broke now....  k la as long she happy... ^.^

Happy Mother's Day ..!!!!


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