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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

thank you, sorry, take care !

unstable feelings these days.... hope to write something down to comfort myself.

human is a species that have all sorts of feelings and motions.
sometimes we just tend to ignore and do not want to listen to our own feelings.
however not everything you try to hear can be ''settle'' successfully... therefore ppl tend to drag and avoid.

what is life ??
when life is dull... you complain is boring...
when life is full of obstacles and challenges... you complain is tiring..
human are really 犯賤...

life is just like a roller coaster..
got ups... and downs...
everybody loves the ups... but who cares of the downs?

i am not a confident person... i have no guts... i tend to avoid... i run... i dare not...
i don't even know what i want.... i don't even know what am i...!!!!!
gosh...... i am crazy.... i hurt ppl and i hurt myself....

i find my own trouble.... i know i am...

already don't know wat i am saying...

for you

thank you
take care !


Monday, April 19, 2010

The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards (第29屆香港電影金像獎)

this year again i sit at home to watch the LIVE broadcast from Astro... luckily this year is not like the past few years ''LIVE'' through HK TVB but instead is from HK ATV!!! hahaa not cut scenes at all... every winner and guest have all their time to talk.

Congrats to all the winners... and so happy that Denise HoCC won the best dressing (最佳衣著) on the red carpet... although she lost the best supporting female (女配角) award. hahaaa she really very sexy and elegant tonight....

I had search through the web for the latest awarded list and some pix too.

The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards

最佳男主角: 任達華 Simon Yam 《歲月神偷》

最佳女主角: 惠英紅《心魔》

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Digi iPhone attractive Price Plan

Finally DiGi launched the iPhone 3G in Malaysia last weekend.
i went 1Utama last sunday night.. maybe is the last day for the pre-order.. i actually saw ''yellow'' ppl more than buyers hahahaa

attached with the iDiGi iPhone price plan below. further information can be found in DiGi iPhone web

[click to enlarge the pix]

[click to enlarge the pix]
[click to enlarge the pix]
the total amount of the 3 plans are actually almost the same price and the difference is just around RM10-RM20 only. so if you own a credit card from the 5 banks provided... it is better to pick the EPP24 or EPP 24+12 plan. Further i do think DiGi plan is really way flexible and cheaper compare to Maxis plan! if you are a heavy Data user Digi is the best choice because there is no further charge for data exceeded the limit provided. whereas Maxis will charge you from head to tail, hand and legs... easily cost you additional of RM250!! hope Maxis will do some revised plan for this extreme competitor in order to fight for new customers and also existing iPhone customers. the first batch of Maxis iPhone customers who enter into the 24months contract will be expired soon at the end of 3rd quarter.

for existing iPhone holder, DiGi also introduce this fabulous internet UNLIMITED plan at RM58 only !! despite Maxis's RM99.

[click to enlarge the pix]

my Maxis plan is gonna expired in August 2010. hope by that time the new version iPhone will be out and available in Malaysia.. then i will see which telco offer the best price... woohooo!

currently iPhone is no longer an ''unreachable'' cell phone... as nowadays on the road can easily pick at least a iPhone holder between 10 person. Apple had really make the iPhone era worldwide and also into Malaysia.


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