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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my 366 days of year 2008.

time really flies... so fast 2008 had gone....and now is year 2009 already... !!
years is passing faster and faster compared to last time... HAhhaa i dono how to explain but i really felt that time is really like flying especially after finish schooling...  and now i had been working for the 4th year already..!!! omg.... =.=''

we had an extra day in 2008 total of 366 days. but i seems like done nothing at all...  however i check back my blog posts there are some interest stuffs happen on me this year too... Hahaha this is the good of blogging...can read back.

Back to the future...  besides working... this is the extra things happen on me in 2008.

- birthday month... first time celebrate at Genting Highland with some frenz.
- watched the Rambo IV movie

Company dinner at Neway Karaoke 
- experience X-file in the office... missing of the ''bird nest'' boxset when distributing the CNY hampers
- watched CJ7 movie 

March :
- went for the Malaysia 12th General Election ... my first Malaysian duty... 
- Gathering with long lost class mate 

April :
- a trip to Las Vegas

- joined Nuffnang, Asia Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community

May :
- bought a new music player for my car
- bought Time Capsule from apple 

- a trip to Singapore, Melaka and Pulau Redang  with a few frenz

July :
- experience the glitter tattoo 

August :
- olympic beijing 2008 kick start (but nothing to do with me.. hahah)
- a trip to Taiwan 

September :
** boring september

October :

November :
- my first cash out from Nuffnang 

December :
- shopping spree at Pavilion and the Gardens & Midvalley 
- explore the new Tropicana City Mall
- got my xmas gift from Santa Netherlands 

summarizing them... i really had a boring life... but glad that i went alot of places for holiday in 2008... hehehe hope i can in 2009 too... :-) 

besides with lots of happiness i do had alot of sadness and unhappiness this year too but i neglect to summarize them here...  :p 
btw i think i spent too much toooooo ..... lolz....  

afterall.. i hope year 2009 will be a better and fantastic year..    



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