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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


so fast it's year end now....

i'm flying off for a long vacation !!!...

take a chance to say goodbye to 2009 and WELCOME 2010.

Although 2009 flies very fast... but is an enrichment year for me... haha besides flying alot..

Hope the coming 2010 is better too....!!!

Wishes everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....... (in advance) !!!!

see u in 2010. =]


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Storm Warriors Premier Tickets

After 11 years gap from the 風雲, here comes the 風雲 II with both the same main cast - Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng !!! But change all the female cast.. hahhaaa so bad.

Aaron and Ekin was here on Dec 2, last week in Malaysia with the Pang Brothers (director of the film)

the main purpose of this post is actually to show the pictures of the Premier tickets for tomorrow (Dec 9) !!!.. hahahaa because is quite unique.

sponsored by EON Bank Group...


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last week of November - home alone again

I missed a chance to Taiwan last week... becoz too last minute and can't get a flight ticket for me.. sobsob...
So i was left at home lor... (hahaa still got bro accompany me, thou make no difference)

one day last week... my lunch spaghetti bolognese @ RM4.50
the taste got very homecook feel.. i like it !

dinner - BK Single mushroom swiss @ RM10.50
recently craving on this mushroom burger ... yummmy love it so much

another fine day dinner - ''economic'' rice @ forgotten the price hahhaa ard RM4.00

midnight went out supper (yam cha) with frens @ papa rich
thick toast with susu manis.. very very sweet ahhhhhhh but very nice indeed

served with my milo dinosaur... wow double sweetness night... =]

finally upgraded my iMac leopard with SNOW Leopard... !!! i actually did a clean install... but but but then only i realized if i need my previous file back.. i need HOURS to restore plus backup... make no difference at the end but wasted my time lor..

nothing to do one night, i unbox bro's new headset ... yoooo this is so cool and the ear part is so comfortable and soft... nice one!

besides... just eating... hahhaaa i do washing... cleaning.. ironing... and playing too... lolz
enjoying life .. yeahhh!

last friday.... aunties and cousin came visit from Penang... parents not in.. so i have to entertain them.. hahhaaa will updates the rest later.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

my November life

hello blog.... how are you?? hahaha posting some random pix of my recent life.

last 2 weeks went for a training course in KL. although there are 3 meals a day provided but only the breakfast and tea time is eatable... lunch is so sucks.... so after class i bought burger king when on the way home.... so kelian 5pm only eat lunch... =.=''

that day Fren let me try this chocolate.... weeeee quite nice.....

November FREE coupon from Kim Gary - 香港菠蘿包 .... the bao is not hot enuf to melt the butter.... hmmm or the butter is too freeze.

Bought the Time Capsule in May 2008 (previous post). But it went totally offline in Oct 2009 !! the power will not on. Its warranty had already expired in May 2009. Luckily i can claim it with my Apple Care from my iMac. phewwww

Send it to Mac city for repair but actually i bought it from Epicentre... hahaa apple is universal guarantee so is ok to send it to any authorized apple dealer. its depends they are friend or not to accept yours..... I got a NEW replacement (without box) after 5 days...!! cool

Green light.... yeah !

Finally received the most hot selling tickets tis winter season..!!! Took a hard time purchasing the tickets when it open for sale online months before... All 10 nights concert tickets are SOLD OUT within a day !!!

yup.... is SAMMI Concert (HK) this December during Xmas and New Year...!!
Love MI 鄭秀文世界巡迴演唱會 - 香港站

recently start some exercise after Jean call us out for badminton ... hahhaaa have been yearssss i last touch badminton games...

had played 3 times now... hope to keep it up..... yeah !

but something weird actually happen to me la....
the first time i go ... my shoe just certified after 1hour of playing

the 2nd time i go.... i bought a new shoe....!!!....

but i fell down this time !!!!

gosh.... is it badminton ''black'' for me??.. hahahhaa

but luckily the 3rd time i went.... nothing happen..!!! yeah........


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hong Kong Trip 2009 - eat, walk & concert

Had a great trip to Hong Kong with friends last month for HOCC Concert and also eat eat walk walk see see trip!!

So lucky to get a cheap package from AirAsia. Only roughly RM700 per person for 4D3N including flight and accommodation at a 4 star hotel ~ Eaton Hotel

Pictures explains all.... here are some food n scenery pix....

Can you imagine they even upgrade to Deluxe room without any request!!

my first meal in HK.. a famous roast duck rice at Central.

Friday, November 13, 2009

HOCC SUPERGOO Concert 何韻詩演唱會 2009 Hong Kong

Denise Ho CC had her second concert namely SUPERGOO (何韻詩演唱會) 2009 Concert at Stadium Coliseum, Hong Kong for 4 nights in last October 2009.

the very late photos sharing for the 2 nights I went on October 10th and 11th !!!

HOCC and her brother Ho Bing, sang a song 絕對 to their mum for her birthday @ 11 Oct 2009

the Stadium became red sea for the 4 nights concert

a tribute to Anita Mui @ 10th Oct 2009
Grasshopper (草猛)

2 member of the bad - Green Mountain Orchestra (青山大樂隊)

HOCC's parents... dye their hair red too !!!

Pictures taken with Canon 500D, 55-250mm lens

the last night 12th Oct special guest is Sammi !!!.. too bad that night i was on the flight flying back to KL...

More pictures can be view through my facebook photo album... hahaa but only open to ''friends only'' .. you know who you are la..
2 photo albums : 10th Oct 2009, 11th Oct 2009

The SUPERGOO Concert beautiful and unique products souvenirs can be found here.


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