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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Motor crash under a proton car

that day went out lunch with mum... came across the junction at sekyen 17...... suddenly i saw this...!!!

OMG... it shocked me..... !!!... the motorcycle is right underneath of the car's tyre.....

i was then looking everywhere..... where is the motorist???

'phew'' fortunately they actually fell at the other side of the car.... i think its a couple riding the motor... and i saw two guy trying to carry up a woman from the floor...while the other guy was ok...

then i have to pass through already... cos cars behind me was ''honk-ing''...

gosh... motorcyclist is so dangerous... just any knock or slight bang can cause a motor + motorist to be ''thrown'' away or end up underneath the car.... ~~~ A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T

i got once saw a motor covered from the front till the back but left both side open.... i think its more to save the motorist from rain... why not cover up at the both side too for safety??... hmmm then i think it will looks more like a car (1 seated car)... hahahaa

btw, motor is still the most convenient transport in the city during traffic jam... and is cheap too compared to a car.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

tomato sauce Grilled BBQ Chicken

as i posted in another blog - Secret Recipe @ RM10 Price Buster Set Meal

the set meal of RM10 is really quite worthy if you really like secret recipe so much and have been bored of searching cheaper food during monday to friday lunch hour.... secret recipe at this promotion period before 6th August 2008 is really a good choice...

went there twice already within 2 weeks after knowing this promotion... 

1st visit i ordered the mushroom grilled chicken.... yeah my favorite mushroom....

however.... on my 2nd visit.... i decided to give other choice a try... so i ordered the BBQ chicken... thinking in my mind and looking forward for the food since i'm so hungry.... in my brain was imagining the black brownish and yummy BBQ sauce.... 
after 10 mins ..... surprised me is that it came to be orange red color sauce..!! looks just like sweet n sour sauce.... and it taste exactly like tomato sauce.... =.=''
i was not really satisfy with my food and i ask the waiter.. and they give me the answer of ''memang macam ni''....=.=!!!  
hmmmmm ok.... after making a big noise on it (as other colleagues and even my boss was there looking at me, although they also disagree on the tomato BBQ sauce but none of them supported me)... so i just continue eating with full of disappointment and dissatisfaction mood... 

may be secret recipe's BBQ sauce is tomato sauce..... may be i'm really ''katak di bawah tem-pu-rung''... hahahaa never try their BBQ grilled chicken before... and make a big laughter out of it... hehheee

btw... luckily i dont hate tomato..  if not i dont no how am i gonna finish it....


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jinelle ~~!!

haha.. just back from penang... luckily still in time to wish you...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY   dearest Jing ~ Jing ~ ...jinelle ..!!!!   (nearly singing jingle all the way ~~) heheeeee 

a strawberry covered with chocolate cake for you..... faster make a wish and cut the cake.. it looks so tempting la... i wanna eat too...!!!!!  hahaaa

wish you always stay young and beautiful
wish you always cute and adorable
wish your business growing fast.. growing big...


lets go..... cheerss....!!!!>...  heheheeeee


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Maxis hopes to bring 3G iPhone to Malaysia

Maxis hopes Apple would look at Malaysia favourably under the latter's distribution plan Published: 2008/07/18  18:05

MAXIS Communications Bhd hopes to bring in the third-generation (3G) iPhone to Malaysia but the hurdle is that the manufacturer, Apple Inc, is facing a tough call in meeting demand.

Maxis’s chief executive officer Sandip Das said as Apple was struggling to meet the increasing demand, its distribution policy plans for Malaysia had not been finalised yet.

As and when Apple decides to finalise its plans for Malaysia, Maxis hopes to be one of the operators to offer the iPhone,” he told reporters at the launch of the 2008 Mobile Content Challenge (MCC) today.

He said Maxis hopes that Apple would look at Malaysia favourably under the distribution plan.

It is understood that if Maxis were to successfully introduce the iPhone in Malaysia, this will allow it access to a wider business user segment.

Energy, Water and Communications Deputy Minister Datuk Joseph Salang officiated at the event.

It is organised by Maxis together with Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

The MCC 2008 offers RM100,000 in cash prizes to students from institutes of higher learning to build content and applications on the mobile platform.

Entries will close on August 10 and winners will be announced on October 30.

Sandip said Maxis wanted to double its mobile data revenue from 23.7 per cent recorded last year amid an increasing demand.

“With 19.5 million mobile subscribers in Malaysia, Maxis sees a big opportunity for it to provide content in that particular area,” he said.

He said although the growth momentum in mobile data sector is strong there are not enough content devices such as 3G phones and personal digital assistant in the market.

“The moment more of these devices are available, the industry will see a proliferation in content development.

“There is also a lot of room for growth for Malaysian mobile application and content developers,” he said. — Bernama

source : 

finally there is an article about maxis and apple iphone.
just read thru this article online, so glad that maxis is really meeting up apple and discussing to bring the iphone 3G to Malaysia. CEO of Maxis is looking forward into it too. Really hope they can come out with it and officially announce the good news as soon as possible...!!!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Glitter tattoo on me at genting

went up genting on a sunday to help up a fren of her booth. woke up quite early and meet up at McD for breakfast before depart up the hill.
i followed another friend's car. she is driving a MYVI. and to my surprise after riding it i realise there must be something wrong with my old little car. this is because her MYVI was ''flying'' up the hill smoothly while mine was ''climbing'' sounded with ''vooommm voommm'' noises the other day. it must the time for a big service.

so this is the booth we had in front of the Arena of Stars. Franjin.K is the partnership set up by my friend and 2 of her partners. they provide all types of make-up, hair-do, nails, and even giving classes. 

so before the show starts they were at the backstage putting up make-ups for the models, and my part of the day is to give out flyers with another friend. however, we found out that the audience are mostly elderly. hahaha they were so funny, and i got many ''lemons'' from them. because they told me they got the flyers with them when i was handling over mine to them. But actually the flyers they holding are colorfull papers while mine is purely black and white. how come they say is the same?? got liao.. got already... hmmm =.='' 

when the show starts... we just sneak in and have a look. the 1st part is some dancing.

next is the bridal demonstration show. there are only 4 tall models on the stage, while others are ''keh leh feh'', from young to elderly. the woman who won the astro 樂齡歌唱比賽 champion was on the stage wearing the wedding gown. end part got cheung sum too. 
friend and i felt bored and nearly fall sleep by then, so we went out to see what to help out.We dint finish watching, as per scheduled, later that is some singing performance and also a feng shui master talking about wedding feng shui. heard that this is the 1st time wedding feng shui talk held in malaysia. errm... but not much ppl participated although the admission is free. i think the organizer is the main faulty la.. the function is quite unsuccessfully held up lor. not organized too.

the make-up artists came out after the bridal show ends. then friend started to hand itch. hahaa and she start to draw some body art on us. 

a pinky butterfly. and it will ''fly'' when u move your wrist up and down. cool 

this is a neon color paint. suitable when you go disco.. hahaa glow in the dark. 

the neck art.

a rose. haha and this is my friend jinelle.. she drew all these arts. 

even on my hand.

the sunflowers?? 

a close up. all these are body paints, so it does not have side-effect on our skin, no taste, no smell at all too. (i actually try to sniff, hhahaha) it can be washed off just by tap water, i have tried it.  the cool weather at genting is just so nice and no sweat at all, the body arts just stay so nicely throughout the whole day.

i also tried the glitter tattoo. (a temporary tattoo) is just sticking up by body glue. jinelle told me is just black but surprisingly end up with few colors.. i got mine with 2 tone color and is so matching with iris's scaf. hahaha  
this tattoo can last up to 3-4 days. and of cause all these body arts and glitter tattoo have a little charges, but i got them all FOC... hehehee... .

iris, jinelle and me

after a long day work, we enjoyed our dinner buffet at the coffee terrace. ate alot, it was so full and satisfactory. but all of us looks so tired.... hahaha

me and iris then drove down the hill back home... 


the famous ''ken lee'' of Mariah Carey ??

hahaa... really wanted to share tis video here very much... i came across it from hocc's blog... 
after watching i was stunned.. with my mouth wide open... a few ''question marks'' flying on top of my head.. lolz... and a good laugh i have...  ''laugh die'' me...

here it is... enjoy it 1st....  o.O''   [get it from]

the lady singer is - valentina hasan  (err i dono who is tat, found her name on youtube hahaha)

'without you' or ken lee?? figure it out ur self la.... hahahaaa 

the most 經典 part is ~~ Ken lee ~~ tulibu dibu douchoo ~~ ken leee ~~ ken lee meju more ~~ i just cant stop myself over tis part... hehheeee 

and she even replied with a confident face tat she is actually singing ''ENGLISH''.... hahahahaaa

oops... cant be laughing so much.... my singing isnt any better .... oopz.... so bad la... ''pai seh''....


Monday, July 14, 2008

new apple keyboard protector

being cleansing my mac keyboard previously... i think is time to protect it before it turn yellow or worst. 
bought the shield from epicentre yesterday. not cheap but i think is the lowest price i saw from a few of mac shops. 

hahaa... who ever will drop the whole ice cream cone on it?? but with the sheild.. it can be washed off now... yeah...

so before i install it... i clean the keyboard i mention in previous post - cleaning new mac keyboard hahaa from the cotton bug... can see its dirty again... gosh why so fast....

looks brand new?? hahhaaa

its a transparent silicon 

it is just designed to fit in place perfectly... 

yeah.... done... !!  

nicely fitted..... dust no more.....  :-)


Friday, July 11, 2008

Malaysia listed in iTunes store with Iphone applications!!

today is surfing net day.... hahhaa besides doing some paper work.. i'm surfing thru the net for the latest 3G iphone.... finally came across just now...  

Malaysia is listed in the iTunes store and even the iphone applications are available !! 
how true is this??  i check on my mac immediately when i reach home

here it is...

ya... its MALAYSIA.... and singapore is in the list too....

so does this mean that the iphone is coming to Malaysia too???    

and hopefully is under Maxis... since its the largest telco in msia now.... and i'm using maxis too.. hahahaa

wonder any blogger working in any of the telco in malaysia who can answer tis??... hahaa any news from it?? 

oh too much question marks and queries... but i still gain back some hope on it 

cross my fingers and wait for the good news tat ~ iphone to be launched in msia..!!! hooray...!!!


i want iphone 3G !!

everywhere apple fanz is buying their iphone 3G..... HK is selling at 8.00am.....

why why why malaysia is NOT...!!!! and is not even coming into MSIA in future too..... omg

i desperately want to owned 1 myself.... waited since last the 1st iphone launch..... aiks...

till now i still havent see any reason or anyone explaining how come msia is not importing the iphone 3G... actually wats the problem there??? is it our government? becos is a locked phone?? or just becos is apple??.. why why why?? can anyone give me a reasonble reason pls.....!!

even worst is the apple keep sending email to me... bout the iphone will be available at 8.00am friday... i alr knows it.... stop reminding me...!!! ish.... see i got the above image from email today again...


** sorry fren... i think i'm goin crazy soon..... just ignore my craziness.... hahaaaaa... can i have a mc for today??.. btw luckily TGIF.... (thank god is friday)... tml is weekend.... heheheee


Monday, July 7, 2008

Pasta Zanmai @ 1Utama

this japanese pasta style restaurant open quite sometime in 1U lower ground for quite sometimes jor... i passby a few times normally is after i had my meal... hahaa so no chance to try it out...

tat day fren suggested that we go for it.... so i also raise 'leg' agree.... hahaaa

part of the shop is selling jpn products... can find all the jpn instant noodle, instant recipe... and jpn biscuit, ice cream... even jpn alcoholic here.... 

the restaurant is further inside the shop...  
the hot green tea

the environment not bad... and the design.... in the middle is round sitting... hhaahaa not really big.... can fit 3-4 person .... 

the transparent kitchen.... 

the yummy soft crab pasta... (forgotten the actually name)  it looks so yummy lor.... hhahaaa

can add a few dollars and it come in a set.... got miso soup and a plate of salad (yummy too)

the variety ''mushrooms'' pasta..... delicious too... but eat till the end.. bit tooo creamy.... 

only 2 of us so dint try much....

will return and try others soon....   yeah...

Pasta Zanmai
G210B, Lower Ground Floor (old wing), 
One Utama Shopping Centre
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact : 03-7728 1210


moday is always blue

hey..... TODAY is MONDAY ONLY...!!!

why so slow..!!!! hahahaa...... actually the week just started... =.=''

yesterday went to genting from early morning till midnight.... helping frenz on a function.....

today i actually ''sleep'' faint... dizzy... the whole day at work...... dono wat i doin... the brain just tell me to sleep... eye also open half only...

just start to do work at around 3pm just now..... ahhaaa... and now is almost time to go home.. hEHeheee

i think most of the working ppl will dislike monday... wonder any exceptional wan??? hahaa
after the long weekend.. sleep eat play... without the stress of work... is actually very hard to force urself to wake up on monday morning... yes i'm the biggest lazy worm on earth... hahahaaa
and everybody will love friday.... ahhaaa last working day of the week.... normally i will smiling to work... and wait for the time finish work.. heheeeee

how sad for my company to hired tis kind of person like me....... sorry la.... but i'm still a lazy and notti employee... heheheee (btw... of coz i got do my part la.... but i usually like working at home... so i bring work back home... hmmmm consider OT lor.. cos at home... but is unpaid... hahaaa)

usually at night beside working.. i will online at home till late midnight... and refuse to sleep.... although i'm so tired and sleepy... why??... cos 24 hours a day for me is so little.... a whole day working 6 or 7 pm only back home.... left how many hours to relax urself??... why i go to be at 10pm like a normal human should do... then only left 3 hours to shower, dinner, watch tv everyday.... aiks... wat kind of living is tat??... i cant !! i cant accept tis.... therefore... i will enjoy my time eating.. watching tv.. and of coz online and blogging.... ahhahaaa (now u know why i'm sleepy at work everyday... kekekeeee 'shame'' @.@ )


Friday, July 4, 2008

how miserable...

many things we actually cannot control in life....

the things i want or wanted it to be
most of the time appear to be the other way round...

the things i don't want
will actually definitely appeared to be...

why human life is so miserable... and uncontrollable...

渴望的事情 往往都是相反的結局
不希望發生的事情 就偏偏一定發生..

人類就是這樣的悲哀.. 我一定是悲的那個

哀.. 真想這樣的躺著..慢慢昏睡去..起不來.. 不再去想東想西的....不需再去面對..那有多好..




Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Cave - 24 hours couple cafe & Restaurant @ SS2 (closed down)

Recently near my working place open jor a new cafe restaurant.... - the cave.... (24 hours couple cafe)... wat those tis mean.... i dono oh..... so i went with my colleagues and check it out.....

the restaurant quite big... at 1st we tot is one of those bistro or internet cafe... cos from outside it looks so dark....

outside the main door..... got an extra stone creature.... hmmm wats tat??? you imagine urself la... hahhaa

when the automatic sliding door open.... we see inside each part of the wall is made of stone type.... we actually went into a cave.... it was unique, stylish and more personalized ''cave'' dining concept..

walking further inside..... downstairs is serving drinks... like a small bar space....

the meal is serve upstairs..... the stairs bit scary.... must walk carefully....

there tables have its own private corner / cave hole.... quite a small space.... can fit 2 or 3 person only...
upstairs is quite big... many caves hole... cant even see a single piece of normal wall... all is caves.. ahhaa even the toilet also cave style rough wall.....

each table.. got a curtain for it.. hahaa

the room we sits in.. is the only biggest room from the whole restaurant.. which can fit the most of 7 ppl... but 6 of us sits in alr quite packed jor.... =.=''

dont knock urself on those walls.... is really rough.....

there is another floor upstairs...

the menu here.... not cheap.... is more like middle high class style.... serve all kinds of food... pasta, western, chinese etc..... all at least RM20 and above

the cheapest for set lunch is range from RM12.90 - RM15.90 nett only chinese food.. hahaha

fried hor fun

cantonese hor fun

chicken dice fried rice

the food not bad..... but the most important thing is paying for the environment la.... inside not bad..... quiet and cooling... romantic too... hahahaa

The Cave Couple Cafe & Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No 42, Mezzanine Floor,
Jalan SS2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Updated: 31-12-2010
the Restaurant had closed down!!

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