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Monday, March 30, 2009

my Earth Hour 2009

the earth hour of the year - 28 March 2009 8.30pm-9.30pm

i switched off all my rooms lights but the car porch light uses timer so i cant off that.

then i went out for a drive ... thought to experience the dark city of PJ.

** most of the pix are blur because i was driving while shooting the pix ! **

the housing area was quite dark...

the stores at SS2. most of them off the sign boards' light.

eonbank off the lights inside the bank but ATM lights was on... (if not will be dangerous)

found an electrical shop switch off most all the light and left some dimer lights and their TVs showing the ''60 earth hour'' logo.


the Leo Cafe @ SS2

along the LDP is still very bright because of the cars and road lamps.

the TV3 building is totally dark...

One World Hotel @ 1U is also lights off except for some rooms

the 1Utama shopping complex ... taken from the flyover bridge....
all outside lights are off.

there is a wide TV screen showing the ''60 earth hour'' too..

Cineleisure Complex of the left... only the advertising TV was on.

this most darkest place i went that night.... left side was Royale Bintang hotel and The curve, right side was Ikano....

IKEA was off too.... except the Courts digital mall

then i join my friend at to Kota Damansara for a drink.... saw this Standard Chartered bank is totally lights off.

Most of the shops and restaurants... turn their lights dim....

and the most brightess ever during the Earth Hour will be this --- the BATA @ SS2.... ahahhaa

Glad that Malaysian participates in this global event - 60 Earth Hour together.... hopes we did help a little to the Earth... and also please be reminded that not only switch off the lights during ''earth hour''.... switch off them anytime when is not necessary too.

** most of the pix are blur because i was driving while shooting the pix ! **


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maxis iPhone 3G launch @ KLCC Malaysia

Maxis officially launched the iPhone 3G in Malaysia on 20th March 2009.

So yesterday I bring along my mum to KLCC for a look at the so-wanted iPhone 3G into Malaysia launch at KLCC. The moment I step out from the LRT @ KLCC, I received a sms from Maxis about the Maxis iPhone 3G launch at Convention Centre. Ahhahaa is it coincident? or Maxis can detect I'm near Menara KLCC already.

Quite many ppl in the shopping centre... and I met my cousin there. But she have zero idea of the Maxis launching iPhone 3G

Even the corridor entrance towards the convention centre have no sign of the iPhone 3G banner. Only until the end of the corridor, reaching the carpark..  finally i saw this.

hahaa then I thought the launching is at the main entrance. Coz i usually go there for most exhibition. But I see no sign of Maxis or Iphone word there instead the jewelry and wedding exhibition. Luckily I refer back to the sms just now. Is at Level 3. Wonder why Maxis have no direction sign board or anything...  after asking the security guard, then I followed a bunch of ppl wearing Maxis-T up to Level 3.

hah... now i found them... =.=''

the entrance is abit scary and was like going thru security check. you are being escot into the hall too. so many ''session'' to go thru.
first they stop you and ask whether you have bring the Confirmation ID (of coz i print out mine as i know is compulsory to get in). Then he find someone to check your IC and wrote down your details and rate plan you pick in the Collection Checklist.  

Then you are allowed to pass thru the short lane to the Entrance.

At this entrance, they will check your Collection Checklist (which I haven't hold it with me for 5 seconds). then I got a ''Number''.

mum was asking me why is it so troublesome... they don't want ppl to come is it? or scared ppl will steal the iPhone?   hahhahaaa i answered her: how would i know?? 

then i was like don't where to go. along there are several counters demonstrating the iPhone 3G. but mostly they are just chit-chating between their own staff... i try to walk near 2 gals, then they ask me to into the hall... ok so while i was entering the hall, i was stop by a nice gal. she then greet me politely and demonstrate the iPhone to me... and allow me to play some games.... (while i just pretend I know nothing about iPhone.. hahhaaa) 

in the hall... there were ppl playing some music with the instrument from iPhone 3G on the stage.

the lights inside is abit dim...  collection and activation is divided. i heard that only the pre-book user can go beyond the border. Other friends or family have to stay outside to wait... =.=!!  

so there are place for seating...  as you can see... the hall is quite empty. i think there are more crowds on friday night during the launching ceremony. they waited 2-3 hours for collection. but yesterday i enter within 15 mins is already 5240 as mine is 5236... hahhaa  (but of coz i din't go into that boundary coz i already got mine.)

oh ya... for those who successfully bought an iPhone 3G, there are a few Maxis staff standing at the entrance corridor there to cheer you up. (like in the US launching) hahhaa  
but my hand without the Maxis iPhone 3G paper bag, they greet me thank you for coming too.

before leaving, there is a Epicentre Booth selling the iPhone 3G casing. I think the crowd here is more than ppl inside the hall .. hehehheee

there is nothing to shout about on this launching after all. Maxis is like having a private celebrating instead of public celebration on taking in the iPhone 3G into Malaysia

the Maxis staffs are actually more than visitors.  hmmm although the rate plans are really over-priced but still see quite a number of ppl bought it too. 

If I havent got my iPhone 3G last year, i think i would consider the 6 months plan too... coz its still cheaper than what i bought last year... lolz  but i know the price now is actually had gone down.

here... showing off my iPhone 3G again.... hahhaa =]


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Countdown: iPhone 3G launching in Malaysia tomorrow [updated]

today I got 3 emails regarding the Apple iPhone 3G, two from Maxis and one from Apple.

the iPhone 3G is almost here... @ 2:30pm

and finally @ 5:30pm the Apple iPhone 3G has arrived in Malaysia.... hahhahaaa (i wonder is it that last minute or not... lolz)

iPhone 3G will be available tomorrow for those who had book their units from Maxis.

Maxis website, had shown that units for tomorrow slots are all fully booked.

Latest update for the Maxis rate plans :

The Maxis official iPhone 3G launch will be held tomorrow.

Date : 20th March 2009
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
Date : 7:00pm

There will be separate areas between the registered customers and the general public that came for the ceremony. Only those

Reminder :
those who have pre-registered for their iPhone 3G, remember to bring along your Confirmation ID.
Without pre-register, will definitely not allow to get any iPhone 3G tomorrow.

UPDATES !!!  20th March 2009 9:20pm

while KLCC is launching for the iPhone 3G, Apple Web was updated too. 

hahaha and Malaysia is finally in the list of iPhone 3G world tour.

besides, the Malaysia apple store was updated too... now can purchase the iPhone accessories from the web.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 : copy & paste, MMS, spotlight & more coming this summer

Apple have announced a whole bundle of new features for iPhone OS 3.0 last night 1:00am (Malaysia time). Glad that they announced on the most wanted features especially the copy & paste function, the MMS, spotlights etc.

-- In-App Purchase – allows to download contents in apps, while the free apps will remain for free.

-- Peer to peer connectivity - automatically identify running apps and create an instant IP connection with existing Bonjour technology, wireless over Bluetooth.
(does it means iPhone can bluetooth pictures and files to other cellphone??)

-- Push System - cut off connections running in Background to preserve battery life

-- Maps API - pinch and zoom, get satellite view, hybrid, standard map, add custom notes, use WiFi and cell triangulation

-- Cut, Copy and Paste - Works across all apps (Two draggable icons appear for customizing the selection. Double tap in an empty space to bring up bubble and paste), shake to undo

-- MMS feature - send photo, audio and contact files.

-- Landscape Keyboard mode - all apps on the iPhone will have landscape keyboard. including the Mail and Notes.

-- Spotlight - Search comes can be done an almost all apps: Calendar: search for apooinments. in iPod: song name, album, artist.. and in Notes: by title or body.(Flick to the left from the home screen to get Spotlight UI.)

afterall, is FREE upgrade for the original iPhone 2G & iPhone 3G.
iPod touch will need to purchase for the upgrade ($9.95)

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 will be up this Summer !!

for more details can be found in apple iPhone 3.0, engadget and iphone buzz


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confused Booking iPhone 3G from Maxis

Wonder had anyone book the iPhone 3G from Maxis???

ok.. i had actually tried to book a set through Maxis .. hahhaa   but of coz i had read the terms & conditions carefully that i found this clause : 
Booking is only confirmed when the customer receives a Confirmation ID via SMS and Email. Booking merely indicates an interest to purchase the iPhone 3G and shall not be construed as a binding agreement for the sale/purchase of the iPhone 3G.

so that i wont be borne any conditions that i must pay for it if i successfully book a set of iPhone 3G. 

i had screenshot the step on How to book an iPhone through Maxis iPhone web
** actually is so easy that just follow the steps and key in all information that they require**

choose whether to keep ur existing number or apply for a new wan..

fill up all the details that is required  ** remember that a NRIC can only apply for a maximum of 2 sets (principal + supplementary) only.

here is the difficult step.... hahhaa which model and which plan to pick??? difficult right?? coz once you choose you can't change your mind already.

then you will need to choose a date from 20-22 March 2009 and a convenient time slot to pick up your iPhone 3G.  if you get to pick the 20th then you will be able to attend the launching ceremony (i think so)

lastly is to double check your information that had been submitted. 

finally your booking is being process.  wait patiently for their reply within 2 working days

and really i got my 1st email reply from Maxis after 2 working days.  i actually dint aware there was an error on the plan that i pick.

so after a few hours, maxis send me a reminder on their mistake. they amended my booking details but still remain the Confirmation ID.

HOWEVER..!!!    the next day.... i got another email from maxis.... i thought they had make another error...
but instead is a new copy of Confirmation ID....   >.<

nevertheless, 5 minutes later... my inbox pop another new mail from Maxis.
Again i got the 3rd Confirmation ID.....!!!!

i swear i only submit a booking to Maxis.... only 1 lor...

how come Maxis is sending me so many Confirmation ID???   

well, IF i'm so wanted to buy the iPhone... which confirmation ID shall i bring to KLCC on that day??? lolz that means i can buy 3 sets? hahhahaa 

they are so lack of bookings is it?? or several personnel processing the same bookings... 
Does anyone make the bookings?? facing the same problem? 

this is funny... but actually i not gonna buy la.. just try out the booking since i always wanted Maxis to bring it in before i bought mine... but they are too late... so i just play on it at least i had prebook an iphone 3G before... lolz haahahaaa    =.=!!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Malaysia, Penang Cherry Blossom

Reminder that this is not in Japan...  but the Cherry Blossom really here in Malaysia, Penang! 

Location: opposite PISA (Penang International Sports Arena?), Penang
Time: March 2009

I actually got these photos from an email today. and was so surprised about it... hahhaa never expect Malaysia will have ''cherry blossom'' too.

Sorry for not giving credits the owner of these pictures, because i got it from a fwd mail.
If you happen to be the owner or you know who owns these pictures, pls do leave me a note ya. THANKS.  ^.^


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