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Monday, March 30, 2009

my Earth Hour 2009

the earth hour of the year - 28 March 2009 8.30pm-9.30pm

i switched off all my rooms lights but the car porch light uses timer so i cant off that.

then i went out for a drive ... thought to experience the dark city of PJ.

** most of the pix are blur because i was driving while shooting the pix ! **

the housing area was quite dark...

the stores at SS2. most of them off the sign boards' light.

eonbank off the lights inside the bank but ATM lights was on... (if not will be dangerous)

found an electrical shop switch off most all the light and left some dimer lights and their TVs showing the ''60 earth hour'' logo.


the Leo Cafe @ SS2

along the LDP is still very bright because of the cars and road lamps.

the TV3 building is totally dark...

One World Hotel @ 1U is also lights off except for some rooms

the 1Utama shopping complex ... taken from the flyover bridge....
all outside lights are off.

there is a wide TV screen showing the ''60 earth hour'' too..

Cineleisure Complex of the left... only the advertising TV was on.

this most darkest place i went that night.... left side was Royale Bintang hotel and The curve, right side was Ikano....

IKEA was off too.... except the Courts digital mall

then i join my friend at to Kota Damansara for a drink.... saw this Standard Chartered bank is totally lights off.

Most of the shops and restaurants... turn their lights dim....

and the most brightess ever during the Earth Hour will be this --- the BATA @ SS2.... ahahhaa

Glad that Malaysian participates in this global event - 60 Earth Hour together.... hopes we did help a little to the Earth... and also please be reminded that not only switch off the lights during ''earth hour''.... switch off them anytime when is not necessary too.

** most of the pix are blur because i was driving while shooting the pix ! **



  1. Wow, you travel to so many places at 1 night. Hehehe

  2. Salute you for taking the initiative to go around and show how it was like on Earth Hour

  3. next time get a driver so that u can sit at the passenger seat and take as many photos as you like lei.

    Why never write about u bathing during Earth hour? :P

    I off my house lights too! (actually it was my mum who wanna off it).

  4. Good job on covering so many places! Glad that KL folks participated. *proud* Thanks for sharing these pictures.

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. great to see people making efforts for the earth hour. a total of 550megawatts (nationwide) were saved just for that 1 hour

  6. Wah, nice phtot of earth hour u took!

  7. hahaha yea purposely went out to look around...

    Borneo Falcon: thanx !!! =]

    siewmun: ok.. i'll get you as my driver next time k? jeh jeh!! why you mention bout the bathing???!! hahahaaa ur mum is good oh..

    Happysurfer: thx... yea KL folks are great this time

    Johnny ong: thats a good start... can save alot... good for the ppl too save money

    David: hahaha the pix were all so blur ... really need to get a driver dy la... lolz


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