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Saturday, January 10, 2009

my first cheque from Nuffnang

after my first cash out on 23 nov last year... i was waiting everyday for the cheque to arrive... lolz although i knew it will take a month to come....

on the 6th Jan... i got an email from HSBC.. informing that there will be a casher order from Nuffnang to me...

hAHhaa but first time looking at the ''payment advice'' email... i really don't know what to do with it... At last i'm glad to do nothing when i saw this particular sentence - ''The advice is for your reference only.''  just sit and wait.

Yesterday i got a letter on top of my table when i reached home...

I totally forgotten about Nuffnang when i was opening it... so without any expectation.... I was surprised for it..

hAHhaa...   its from HSBC... on behalf of Nuffnang.... !!! 

here i got my cheque..!!!     

btw.... now i know how a cashier order looks like...  a cheque attached on an A4 paper!!.... hahha just tear it out and then cash in...  :-)  

lastly... thanx nuffnang ... and all those bloggers and friends who surf my blog and / or clicked on my advertisements... 

its an additional reward from blogging...   i'm so happy for it though is not a big amount... but i'm loving it.... lolz



  1. congrat to you for received the 1st nuffnang cheque

  2. of course they're cute..lolz..*steals cheque*/

  3. grats! i wish i can receive cheque from nuffnang oso =X

  4. When i have a chance to cash out leh ? always read the post that people cash out the money !! so.....!! u must visit my blog as well so that I also have a chance to post this title in innit !! haha....

  5. i'm still waiting fro mine to hit 100+ then only cash out. T_________T and congrats on the nuffnang cheque

  6. Hp: thx..

    cindy: hahaa i will bank-in the cheque as fast as possible... don come yet...**

    babymocha: thank u.. hope you got urs soon too..

    sabahking: HAHhaa yup will visit ur blog when i'm free... hope u can post it very soon... heheh

    vveijie: yea lack of $$ recently la me...

    patricia: thx... i waited for mine till neck long also.. hahaha

  7. Congrate to you! It must feel good to hold that check right? Ha =) How I wish I could too. I don't think I could earn from Nuffnang a lot. =)

  8. wow!! maro got cheque!! i wan also!!! hehee....

  9. Tekkaus: yeah is really great to have the cheque from nuffnang, regardless the amount.. sure u can have it too... add oil

    aLviN: hehee... hope u got urs soon... good luck =)

    reddishTea: thanx :-)

  10. Wua, you got it liao. Gratz

    Hope to get mine when I reach home this weekend :)

  11. congrats!!
    my NuffNang are collecting cents while others are cashing out cheques... siGh. i also want!!! *sob*

  12. i want i want earning power sudah stuck for so many months T_T


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