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Saturday, November 21, 2009

my November life

hello blog.... how are you?? hahaha posting some random pix of my recent life.

last 2 weeks went for a training course in KL. although there are 3 meals a day provided but only the breakfast and tea time is eatable... lunch is so sucks.... so after class i bought burger king when on the way home.... so kelian 5pm only eat lunch... =.=''

that day Fren let me try this chocolate.... weeeee quite nice.....

November FREE coupon from Kim Gary - 香港菠蘿包 .... the bao is not hot enuf to melt the butter.... hmmm or the butter is too freeze.

Bought the Time Capsule in May 2008 (previous post). But it went totally offline in Oct 2009 !! the power will not on. Its warranty had already expired in May 2009. Luckily i can claim it with my Apple Care from my iMac. phewwww

Send it to Mac city for repair but actually i bought it from Epicentre... hahaa apple is universal guarantee so is ok to send it to any authorized apple dealer. its depends they are friend or not to accept yours..... I got a NEW replacement (without box) after 5 days...!! cool

Green light.... yeah !

Finally received the most hot selling tickets tis winter season..!!! Took a hard time purchasing the tickets when it open for sale online months before... All 10 nights concert tickets are SOLD OUT within a day !!!

yup.... is SAMMI Concert (HK) this December during Xmas and New Year...!!
Love MI 鄭秀文世界巡迴演唱會 - 香港站

recently start some exercise after Jean call us out for badminton ... hahhaaa have been yearssss i last touch badminton games...

had played 3 times now... hope to keep it up..... yeah !

but something weird actually happen to me la....
the first time i go ... my shoe just certified after 1hour of playing

the 2nd time i go.... i bought a new shoe....!!!....

but i fell down this time !!!!

gosh.... is it badminton ''black'' for me??.. hahahhaa

but luckily the 3rd time i went.... nothing happen..!!! yeah........


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