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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unboxing my Lumix DMC-FX38

i got myself a birthday present... with mum contributed some too...

my latest digital camera - Panasonic DMC - FX38 

i wanted a black wan but they left brown only....   
i bought it at last because they gave me discount... hahhaaa and upgraded the SD card to 4G
free screen protector too..

Battery charger... comes with 2 types of power plug... this is so convenient if i go for holiday... :)

the USB connection cable and AV cable..

Lumix chargeable battery

the upgraded 4G card..   --- related post : SD card from Harvey Norman

the camera comes with a free casing too

compatible for Mac - iPhoto too... very convenient for me... hahhaaa

my new favourite... lolz 

got some voucher from Harvey Norman too.... hAHhaa but the most useful is this Free 8pcs of 8R prints only...  

the camera is quite light & compact...  shooting pix is fast too.... i like the best is the wide angel... hohoho....


  1. 陈一豪: haha yaya.. mac is cool..

    marccus: ys quite a nice camera.. loving it ... lol


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