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Saturday, February 28, 2009

relaxing saturday ~ last day of February

had a very long rest on saturday morning.... hahhaa woke up at 1pm and out with mum searching for food....  we decided to try this new Tokyo Express ~ (food blog) which just open not long..

oopzz new restaurant but we are the only customer inside.... hmmmm 
we ordered the salmon porridge - shake zosui (quite nice... got egg, pieces of salmon, mushroom, carrots, etc)  never thought that Japanese got porridge too... 

and a Sanma shio set - the fish is juicy and fresh...!!
can check out my food blog for more info. 

after meal... we went the curve for a walk.....  mum wanna change a new refrigerator..  wow the price of fridge is so expensive... gosh... especially for those with more ''doors''.   she cant decide to buy or not.. hahhaa

then we drop by Kim Gary ~ (food blog) for a snack... ahhaaa last day for the February voucher...  must go...  got a free fries snack...!!   

then back home had a nap..... don't know why always weekend i just feel sleepy all the time... hahahaa   lazy ppl is like that may be.... lolz

at night.... Dad bought us to Chef Rasa Sayang ~ (food blog) @ Crystal Crown Hotel for dinner
we ordered a sharkfin in claypot 'teow chew style' (潮州褒仔翅)

and the braised sharkfin with crabmeat & roe (蟹粉蟹皇褒翅) 

served with the bean sprout

more food pix in my food blog 


Friday, February 27, 2009

a happy day ✌

nothing much important today actually but i just feeling like crapping/ writing down some ''words''...  basically just because i'm happy......  afterall happy is FREE.... 

today is a happy day for all of us in our department.... everyone is having a smiling face... because we got our vitamins.... not vitC but vitamin B.... and even our boss... can see very obvious that he is smiling but he deny... his face is just showing a smiling face (may be even he dont realize)... lolz.... he then mention that because he saw everyone of us is happy so he is happy too.... 

yeah... happy is easy... happy is free.... so just smile... you can affect others too.... ^.^

last few days... mum told me that the water bill was RM130+ last month...!!! my eye just nearly pop out.... how can our water bill so expensive.... then she say the Syabas ppl came to investigate also.. (without us complaining yet... they actually quite observant ooo)  but syabas ppl did not disturb us just left a note in the letter box informing us to get a plumber to check out the water paip.. there might be a leakage... 

today dad get somebody to fix the water paip already...   hahhaaa if not of the water bill shoot up so high we never know that actually part of our water supply are just flowing into the ground because the underground paip was cracked...   NO WONDER these few months we getting lesser water for bathing... especially when one is using the toilet... another cannot take a bath... we are snatching each other's water...!!! ahhahaaa 

i think the crack is getting worst thats why our water bill shot up... if not we wont know what had happen and still blaming the water supply hahhahaaa
now everything was settle..... and the shower water is so powerful !!! I had a wonderful and relaxing bath...    we are so satisfy although paying RM1K plus for the plumbing repair...   

tonight my connection was down.... so i go enjoy tv program instead... however after few hours the connection was still down.... on off the modem doesnt work.... then i decided to call the Maxis broadband call centre..... its 11.00pm and the operator serve me politely .... although i get to wait for minutes... but i'm willing to wait.. since he is checking.... then he lead me step by step to reconfigue the broadband system....  and finally it was done... i try to load i saw ''brightness'' when the google logo appear on my monitor screen...!!!   hhahahhaaa i was so happy and thank him so much.... 

maxis used to be giving poor services.... but tonight i'm satisfy.... yoooo   may be it really depends....    

got an email from Nuffnang today too..   
Nuffnang turns two today !!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nuffnang !!!!!   i want to thank Nuffnang too.. thx for bringing the online ad to the blogosphere in Malaysia (asia).... and enable me to know some nuffies too....  I'm enjoying blogging now not because of the cents but really enjoy and happy into it ....  
I'm so proud to be one of the tiny part of the Nuffnang story..  =]

i'm happy...... and happily surfing and blogging now........what a happy day today.....  


happy weekend everyone...  spread your happiness....  ^.^


Thursday, February 26, 2009

new fashion for cars on the road

when i was driving on the road one day, something caught my attention. there was a little ''thingy'' in green !! swinging along at the bottom of a car. 

i drove closer to that car and i found out is actually a key chain/ accessories of a toy !!  hahhhaa as the car stop at the traffic light... i realized it was actually CJ7  ... 

the cute little CJ 7.... end up bottom of the car ''hisap''ing smoke and dust on the road... aiks =.='''

wonder is this the new trend now for decorating cars?? instead of inside, now ppl hang it outside of the car..   human beings nowadays are getting more creative...lolz

actually this is not the 1st time i saw it..... i remember last year i saw a car hanging ''Forever Friends'' bear at the same place as the car above....   that time i still thought that it might just be accidentally ''tersangkut'' (stuck) there.

may be i can try hanging my 'patrick' (toy) too... lolz ... but don't think i can make it... don wanna waste my toy... :p


Sunday, February 22, 2009

eat too much this weekend

last weekend go jap jap jap (eat eat eat) again.. . hahahaa

saturday went to Pavilion again... coz wanna send my keyboard for check up at ''epicentre'' there... hmmm but they cant do anything and wanna check my whole imac... =.='' how am i gonna carry the imac to pavilion??? !!!! so just forget it and till today i havent did anything... may be will bring to the ''machines'' @ 1Utama will do.

@ pavilion... we try out the Pancake House International

two club sandwich with a small portion of spaghetti

sausage with honey syrup original pancake. love the mini sausage.... very crispy and delicious...
but quite disappointed with the pancake... food review

at night treat my family a dinner @ Khuntai for thai food.... coz last week told them that i tried with friends : blog and the food is quite nice....

the fried sotong - very crunchy... yoooo

fried glass noodle..

pandan chicken... (hmmm the meat bit hard ohhh >.<'' )

the tomyam seafood... is great... !

thai steam fish...

i think ate too much spicy and hot stuff food...!!! got sore throat the next day..

sunday eat soup noodle.. hahahaa at Traditional Pan Mee @ Kota Damansara...

pan mee soup...

and hot soya mini glutinous ball ... love this very much...

evening.... went out movie with See Wei, Pin pin and Sing Leng... we watched the ''famous'' Curious Case of Benjamin Button (movie review) hahha coz heard that the movie is great... but end up.. i dont think is that great lorrrr....

after movie... sing leng went off first.... then we continue window shopping... and had dinner at Chao Yen Teochew Cuisine ... ate the most expensive porridge coz i not feeling well..... so kelian....

菜圃蛋 kind of vege which is bit salty... nice to fried with omelet egg... love it!

sweet potato porridge

see wei wanna make funny face there... but end up.... -.- (cannot see la!!)

porridge also can eat till we so full..... must have a sit... hahahaa

until... 11pm... the security come and chase us away.... >.<


Thursday, February 19, 2009

unwelcome friends came visit me again

i just got sick (sorethroat, flu and cough) before Chinese New Year which was just less than a month ago.....

yesterday i got a bad sorethroat after eating 2 piece of the CNY biscuit - ''bee hive biscuit''
but i think not just because of the biscuit... possibility that accumulated previous days of cookies and nasi lemak i ate too... why my antibody is sooooo lame >.<

at night took the throat medicine 'sweet' given by a colleague before CNY...

but it doesn't seems to help .... instead getting worst .. =.=''

today woke up... my throat is really bad and pain while swallowing.... eh funny after brushing teeth it's feeling better... (may be the toothpaste cool it.. hahha)

however, noon after lunch..... my nose start to itch..... oh noooo!!!! 2nd fren - running rose came..... flu again..... =.=''

by the time i reach home after work.... my eye was hardly open..... just faint on the bed and had a nap....

reminded by a fren ... that she recommended me a medicine..!!! i just bought it before CNY too... hahahaa all the medicine can be re-use ....

and i always thought... liquid mixture medicine usually is for coughing....

but when i re-look again today... i found out.. is actually for runny nose, sneezing and stuffy nose too..!!!! just right for me....

i find this medicine quite effective... at least for my previous sick of flu and cough.... can get it at the pharmacy.. with a reasonable price of RM12 only... (oops... i'm not advertising just sharing my experience)

hope this time it helps me too..!!!!

wonder why do this ''bunch of frenz'' always come together??? sorethroat --- running nose / flu --- cough / fever !!! pls !!! cough don't come .... i really scared of U - cough..!!! this time you are not invited... you are not welcomed..!!!!! hahhaaa

by the way, another good fren of flu is...... this..

a box of tissue following me the whole night.... lolz...

i'm having a clown red nose now...

made myself a cup of hot cereal milk ... for supper

then i will be going to bed..... WAH..!!!! no one will believe i'm going to bed so early... hahahaa but no choice.... very tired and eye hardly open.. nose rub till painful too..!!! aiks

hope i get well soon... before the big ''tai koh'' - mr cough came visit me....



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'bye' to my KK trip

Last October 2008... went out dinner with a few colleagues from another departments....  then end up we are discussing  for a trip to Sabah or one of them is from Miri.. she can bring us around..

While we are still warm on the 'topic' we start to search on MAS and AirAsia.... especially for the attractive Super Low Fares ... Without further consideration we decided to purchase the MAS air tickets for just RM200 each person for the trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK) in February 2009

On and off we google for KK tourist attractions.... and recommends by the Sabah colleague on the following plan...

First day reaching in KK we will go up to Kinabalu Park.  but of coz we are not gonna climb the KK mountain... (no strength and stamina for tat.. hahaa)

what a nice hotel.... should be relaxing....

Next day... will be visiting the city and take speed boat to Pulau Manukan... 

snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful sandy beach will be perfect.... one more thing i'm looking forward is the SUN SET...!!! yeah... must be nice....

third day ..
we will be back to the city...   and have some shopping or walk around.... 

all 3 accommodation and car rental for transportation will roughly cost RM600+  
As for my first trip to KK... i think is quite reasonable as all packages on web is exceeding 1K. 

HOWEVER, before I would agree to the plan.... 

In January 2009, one of the colleagues (A) suddenly tell us she might not be going  =.=''     so we thinking to proceed without her.... 

But bad news always come together..... the Miri colleague say she is NOT going (without any reason).....but will still help us on the reservations and bookings... 

What to do... 2 out of 5 is not going........ so We thought of calling off the trip ..

In february, (A) say she felt bad to left us like that... so she decided to go again. And she will contact the miri colleague for the bookings....   (but we doubt about it as she is the 1st who wanted to call off the trip)

so we let her to decide.... until 2 days ago (monday)... she called to ask me shall we book the hotels ''today''?   I was like HAR..!!!! now only u wanna book??... but she replied me.. is ok to book now... no need to book in advance... 

Sorry if i am too kampung gal or wat.... i never heard that people book hotel rooms only 3 days ahead from the trip where you need to take a flight to the destination...   and we are not going to PD with jus a bag pack...neither we are ''flying'' to Genting Highlands..!!  

I was just shocked and i think if we are to go there safely... there will sure be some arguments or dissatisfaction on the we are not even properly plan.....
so after discussion with another colleague.... we decided just to cancel the trip bah..... i don't want to reach KK and sleep at the street..... !!!  

my forfeited MAS Electronic Ticket...   

I am actually flying tomorrow early morning...!!! I want holidays..!!!! 

but i have to ''wake up'' (from dream) and inform my boss to cancel my leave....... arrggg.....>.<

hope to plan for a holiday trip soon.... but of coz.... not with colleagues anymore.... hahahhaaa

scared scared la....... what a big lesson.....  although rm200 is not big... but still an amount of money..!!    now we understand how come MAS and AirAsia still earning alot from giving low fares and no fuel charge...

**may be i can just pack and jump into the plane tml morning..... any bloggers from KK to ''pack'' me home???  lolz 


Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day 2009

hahhaa... yes i'm gonna -"back-date''- this post... i'm blogging my Valentine day now..!! =.=''   although is abit late.... ahaahahaa    (has been very lazy for months to arrange all the photos) but i still wan blog about it...  (will backdate it to February next week after my frenz and readers read it)

the day before, See Wei called me out for a movie....and since i had nothing to do on Valentine's Day.... so i called along leng jie... and we 3 go 1U to celebrate our Valentine's day.... 

while collecting the movie tickets, saw the “Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula” cartoon autograph session... by KIDS !!!  kids also have fanz now... hahaa this is cool..

We watched the Pink Panther 2 [blog]  - really a funny movie and we laugh like mad in the cinema.. oopz.. 

at night we have dinner at New York New York Deli [blog]... a deli cafe just open after the renovation on the previous Giant hypermarket space.... and only i know Giant actually took up so huge space.. because now so many new shops and restaurants held in there and even a Cold Storage market in there and still the corridor was so spacious... 

Roasted mushroom Cappuccino ..i was curious about the ''cappuccino''... there isnt any taste of coffee in it .. but actually the cream bubbles on top looks like only 

Mo' Mushroom - lots of slice mushroom inside..  cheese... and tomato

cwei's fillet with carbonara spaghetti

leng jie's half chicken with carbonara penne  

cheesy mussels  (not hot enough... quite cold)

hmmm think she is first time appearing in my blog.... so have to introduce her abit... lolz
my beloved friend since primary two....  see wei  (hahhaa she also not much changes since small la... )

see wei and leng jie

victory....!!  hahhaa enjoying ourselves and ignore and passerby.... lolz


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