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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 52th Independence Day !


Today is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya.

Tunku Abdul Rahman announced our independence from the British on August 31, 1957 at Stadium Merdeka.

"MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!!" (if not mistaken he shouted 3 times i think)

Stripes of Glory - ''Jalur Gemilang'' of the Malaysia Flag.

I didn't joint the crowd this morning, as usual they will have some celebration performance and marching at the stadium merdeka every year.

A good holiday on Monday.... sound so nice to me... can sleep till late noon... hahhahaa

Went to 1Utama shopping today.... the crowd is terrible too... especially the cars outside... i hardly can find a car park space... at last parked at roadside and walk in... luckily no saman (perhaps the police still busy at the Celebration)

The theme song for this year - Satu Malaysia (satu rakyat, satu kebangsaan)
It comprise of all the languages of Malaysia... sang by all the AMP Radio Networks DJs.

**(just found out what is AMP tonight, check this out if you want to know here.)

I think this is the only song I find it quite nice all these years... ahhaaa recently keep listen through myfm radio station
(honestly cant really recall what are the previous theme songs already... totally no idea about it at all!)

Youtube - Satu Malaysia

Hope Malaysia really is SATU !! (not just say say)
Malaysia grow even better in future...!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Water Fountain by Liu Li Gong Fang (琉璃噴水池)

Went to Pavilion again last 2 weeks purposely to see this Liu Li (mention in previous post) Water Fountain 「大圓滿花開」琉璃噴水池.

The water fountain is presented by Liu Li Gong Fang, by the founder 楊惠姍 (an ex-celebrity who won 2 years of best female artist of the Golden Horse Award). Liu Li Gong Fang had made this water fountain worth RM8.0 million to celebrate its 20 years anniversary. This great movement had make the water fountain enter the Malaysia Book of Records. and Malaysia is preparing to register for the Guinness World Records.

The Liu Li Water Fountain is just located right in front of Pavilion main entrance.

i had make a wish there too !! hahaha

the water fountain is so beautiful with the neon light during the night
some related information:
金馬影后楊惠姍和導演男友張毅退出影壇後,投身琉璃藝術已22年,近來她耗費2年時間、斥資8千萬元台幣的新作「大圓滿花開」琉璃噴水池終於完成,上月在馬來西亞PAVILION購物廣場正式揭幕,並獲馬來西亞紀錄(Malaysia Book of Records)之最高琉璃噴泉。

羅馬人有一個美麗的傳說,只要背對噴泉拋一枚硬幣往水池,就會擁有再一次重游故地的機會。現在吉隆坡Pavilion購物中心設立的全馬最高的“琉璃許願池”,讓您的願望能夠成真!池高3.6公尺、闊6公尺的全馬最高的“琉璃許願池”屹立在首都金三角地帶 -- Pavilion購物中心入口處。該池噴泉由直徑2.07公尺、2.87公尺和3.57公尺的琉璃碗組成,是吉隆坡Pavilion和中國琉璃工坊合作在上海制作的作品,耗資800萬令吉。

Info source from :


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mooncake different from Traditional type

time really passing too fast that once you not realize, its Mooncake Festival again... i recall eating mooncake like few months ago only... ahhahaa

today we got a special mooncake from customer ... its very different from those traditional round type especially from the appearance and shape.

ta---da---- its a long shape mooncake...!!

heard from a colleague, its call mouse mooncake coz is long and sharp at both end... hahhaaa never heard before.

(there are some holes on the mooncake to differentiate the flavour. As what i see 3 holes represent the pandan flavour (翡翠月餅), 1 hole is the normal lotus (蓮蓉月餅), the last one is red bean (紅豆月餅)

it's still warm and fresh when it arrived.... i think straight from Kluang! coz from the box printed is Yuen Fatt Biskut (源發餅家) from Kluang

the lotus have egg yolk inside too !! yummy the skin is not thick, its a bit softer than normal, taste like kaya puff skin.... the lotus is softer than the normal mooncake too !!.. i love it all softer hahahaa... not so sweet too... everything just nice...

* wonder where can i buy this in KL/ PJ >.<

Found this Yuen Fatt address:

No. 39, Jalan Haji Manap Nordin, Kluang Baru, 86000 Klang, Johor, Malaysia
Telephone +607.773.7107 / +6012.7158287


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spot the accident involved 6 cars today!

Today is interesting.. during lunch time at work around 12pm... we heard a big bang sound which last for at least 3 seconds ''eeee bing bang bang bang''. Everyone rush to the window to have a look. Wondering is it an accident, and worried about own car got hit.

When i saw the incident spot, was relief that i did not park there today! As i used to park there quite often when i cant find any parking space. One of the colleague shouted as she saw her car at the incident spot (the red circle)..!!!

So most of us went down to have a look.

oh gosh... the accident involved 6 cars where one of them is the main culprit that had hit and RUN ! A Lancer Mitsubishi (yellow spot on top) had a sudden knocked by a Honda (ran away after that) from the junction, then Lancer out of control and ski further hit the Honda City (golden), Merdz Compressor (middle) and Wira (black). The poor Merdz was hit too hard and fly over the long kang and hit the Volvo S40 (infront). WHAT a MIRACLE accident!!! the Lancer must be speeding in a narrow road but he claimed that he did not.. hmmmmm

my colleague's car... CITY... ouch !

why i saw the ''poor'' merdz... because it gets the WORST of all.

Wira (our colleague also!) get hurt behind but not very serious i think... 5 cars.. and 2 is from our office =.='' and the two other cars beside City and Wira are from our office too... luckily din't involved !! so SWT ..

Looking for a new car? May consider Lancer .. hahaha because its quite solid after so many bangs its still crash the front side only.

after lunch... saw the Merdz got towed finally...

the Volvo was damaged on the left door... but seriously the accident did not make the driver appear... no one came out to admit this car... hahahaa until 5pm saw the Volvo was not there anymore... wonder if the driver just get in through the driver seat, he/ she may not know that the car was bang on the left side =.=''

the colleague's car was sent to one of the mechanic shop nearby and waited to go PJ State Police Station to make report. A new car drove less than 1 year only... she was so sad about it..

and see what they found.... the Lancer actually happen to knock down the Culprit (honda)'s car number plate when they bang into each other at the junction... hahahaa the story teaches us that DON'T HIT and RUN, YOU MAY LEAVE SOME EVIDENCE BEHIND !! (天網恢恢,疏而不漏)

Most pity is that the cars are just park nicely in parking space but end up got HIT and although got insurance claims but you will have no transport for the next few weeks ! Lancer also quite choosy, chosen all expensive cars to hit... hahaaa

Our department share RM2 each to buy ToTo for all the 6 cars just now... oopz..

* marogal LIVE report from the incident spot @ 12.20pm (in facebook) hahahaa but now only got time to update in Bloggie =]


Vitamin C booster with Redoxon

After following thestar online at Twitter, i get all the latest news updates from thestar newspaper instantly through tweetie (iPhone Apps).

The death on H1N1 updates is so frequent that happens everyday >.<
Malaysia is getting worst compared to other countries.. our deaths are increasing crazily !

Yesterday update of 2 deaths:

staronlineA(H1N1): 2 more deaths; toll rises to 64

yesterday colleague introduce me to drink Redoxon !!! get myself some supplement for antibody and Vitamins especially Vit C... prevent FLU !
and since the pharmacy is doing promotion so i bought it... hahahaaa

sometimes (usually) is bored/ tired during office hour... so i sneak out to pharmacy and bought it... hahaaa on the other hand refresh my brain after sitting in front of the PC for too long.

and start to make the drink in office too....
this Red packet type is quite sweet, so i make it with 500ml water

drop in... and its melting... hahhaa

just realized that my bottle got a cute BEE ahahhaaa written ''A little happy bee in the forest''. lolz ok i'm still a KIDDIE lor... heheeee

a snapshot on the list of contains in each tablet.

take care everybody... !!
fought with H1N1 !!!
don't let it harm humans so easily..!!!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Days without MSN and FB at work

very boring nowadays at work.... reports reports... and also reports.... my brain is just full of reports....!!

no more MSN... no more chatting.... no more Facebook.... no more entertainment.... >.<

then we tried to use e-buddy..... but after a week... also cant access anymore... ah dui.....!! want like that meh??

now we found another method to chat... but.. hmmmm don want tell ... later you track my blog pulak.. hahahhaaaaa

friday had my lunch at kopitiam....
the Hong Kong congee - 艇仔粥 with 皮蛋 only RM4.00

yummy !!! (actually just want to test my iPhone 3GS camera quality, so took some pix on the congee.. hahhaaa very clear hor..)

nothing to do at office... ''play'' taking photos... hahahaa no la actually colleague want to finish up the fujiflim instant camera film.. thats why we taking photos there... and test on my iPhone 3GS too... but too bad... bit blur.... coz i'm not the photographer may be... wahhahahaaa

and... now i have the DiGi data unlimited... i can online with my iPhone 3GS.. for e-buddy and facebook..!!!! and twitter too... wahhhaaa...... hmmmmph... bann la... i use my iPhone.... lolz :p

** Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh cannot tell my boss ! **


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pizza Hut quality turn down?

三點三下午茶 also known as hi-tea ...
hahaha but cant have hi-tea in the office.... usually a 'light tea' which you make your own coffee/ tea/ milo and take a piece of biscuit.

today our department had a heavy ''hi-tea'' !

because we ordered PIZZA HUT !!! for a special occasion treated by a colleague.

wah wah wah... snatch snatch snatch... hahhaaaa ''i want this.... i want that'' ... too kelam kabut

actually we don't know what the colleague order... so just can guess from its appearance..

this piece hmmmm after looking at it for quite sometime, we concluded that the PIZZA fall sick may be carried with H1N1 virus!!! cos it look so pale... hahahaaaa
(should be tuna pizza)

this wan should be Hawaiian chicken because i saw pineapple and some chicken cubes

errr... tomyam? or seafood?... hahhaaaa cos its quite oily ... anyone took this the whole piece of tissue will be soak with yellow oil..!! and they commented it taste like indian curry taste...

i took a piece of Hawaiian chicken and a piece of Beef Pepperoni (without pix).... and i'm so full already.

Had been sometimes din't eat PIZZA HUT... usually take Dominos... But donno since when PIZZA HUT's pizza quality had drop like waterfall !!!! the crust/ bread is so thick and not crunchy at all..(like eating a soften French Loaf). the topping is so less too (look at the Tuna pizza above, ingredient is just like 30% covered) compared to Dominos .... >.<

May be due to the delivery time, the PIZZA had soften?? Please la... quality control very important also...... !!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kopi-O + Kopiko and Divert Calls from Maxis to DiGi

New Recipe : KOPI-O + KOPIKO

after monday blue yesterday... today is even worst... BLUE + BLUR !

i forgotten to bring my wallet to work today !!!!... no driving license, no identity card.. hahaa luckily there is no road block.. if not i'll be eating ''curry rice'' now. no money for lunch today and borrowed from a ''sweet colleague'' ... so pai seh... >.<

my eyes can't fully open the whole day... gonna be panda soon... so took a short nap during lunch time when boss is not around... but just help for 2 hours i'm back to sleepy again...

can't stand until 3pm a ''silly'' colleague (why he is silly? because he is memang silly hahaha) recommend me this KOPI-O.. so i went to pantry to add hot water. its 2 in 1 so added with sugar already very convenient.

but the taste abit bitter or just don't like the ''kip kip'' taste hahahaa...

so another ''crazy'' colleague ask me to try adding a KOPIKO sweet into it... YES is a sweet ! =.=''

i took a 2 mins thought and throw in the sweet.... hahahaaaaa

what does it taste like?? hmmm i not very sure also... but when the KOPI-O cool down abit is tasting better than before.... may be sweeter cause by the KOPIKO sweet... lolz

At least it helps to make me awake till finish work at 6.00pm hahhaaa still able to drive back home safely and fast-ly because no wallet with me... faster back home safer.

*btw, i think the KOPI-O is tooooo ''BLACK'' for my lungs and stomach la... teeth also turn BLACK... gosh... really will become PANDA one day if i drink it everyday.... ohhh NOOOOOooooo... i think i drink the Mocha is better.. taste nicer too.. hahhahahaaaa


Divert CALLS from Maxis to DiGi

As i mention yesterday that i had MNP one of my Maxis line to Digi for my iPhone, its actually my secondary line. so now i have to bring 2 phones out due to most ppl contact me thru the primary line and only a few knew bout my 2ndary line only.

My trouble was settled suddenly when a ''sweet'' colleague suggest me to use call divert ! wah wah wah... i had actually thinking of how to use this service since ever i own 2 hp line few years ago. but never able to do it ... even seeking assistance from Maxis centre before but no one was able to tell me i can just settle it by diverting calls ! ... they just inform me that i can do it with a sim card with 2 numbers and the sub-line for data line only. But i have to register the 2 line under one name which mine was actually registered under 2 person. So it don't work on my case.... BAKA! should have suggest me to Divert Calls.

finally i found the solution for call diverting after so many years.. hahhaaaa feel so ashamed now... 0.0 yeahooo i'm able to receive calls from my primary (Maxis) line on my iPhone 3GS by diverting the Maxis line to DiGi line while enjoying unlimited data usage hahhaaaa

but i still have a QUESTION... anyone know how will the call charge? i will need to pay for the diverting calls from Maxis to DiGi? or the caller will need to pay for it? What if the family plan free calls to my Maxis line was now diverted to DiGi line? its not free anymore?

HELP..!!! who can answer me ??? thanks thannksssss


Monday, August 10, 2009

Mobile Number Portability to DiGi

Malaysia had introduced the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in last October 2008. I had also blogged about it comparing different telcos on their MNP rates. I also conclude that i will continue to maintain my line with Maxis. Hahahaaa but today i decided to change my mine to DIGI la...!!!

Actually I am owning 2 hp lines with Maxis. So after comparing with the data plans of DiGi and Maxis, i decided to change one of my line to DiGi as the unlimited data plan is only RM66 per month compared to RM99 per month by Maxis. Need it for my iPhone 3GS as i know the current idata 2 iphone plan of 500mb monthly is definitely not enough for my usage.

for the lowest postpaid plan, i had pick up the DG30.... so RM66+RM30 is still cheaper than RM99 (maxis unlimited data plan before adding the postpaid plan yet)

I'm so glad that the MNP transfer can do it easily online here. Easy as ABC to save up the time going to any DiGi centre.

After registering online on Friday night, I got a call from DiGi customer service officer on the next day (Saturday) to confirm all my details. And I was told that by the next 7 working days I will get a Pos Laju envelop containing my Postpaid Sim Card. (which I got mine just the next working day, Monday)

Just follow the steps given...

then i was told to wait until my maxis line was deactivate.
After 2 working days, i got an sms to change my sim to DiGi (which comes with the pos laju)

can't wait and change it in the office, so i will need to use the paper clip instead of the proper Sim eject tool.

After inserting the DiGi sim card. got a sms from them.

Then i will need to contact DiGi customer service to subscribe the unlimited data plan....
woo hooo.... after 24 hours it was activated and now i can use online whenever and wherever i want without any worries of the limitation...

** although DiGi doesn't have the 3G service as Maxis yet.. but heard is coming soon .. i don't mind to load slower as long it LOADS..!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Went to Temple today - 觀音誕

the only time i enjoy sleeping is during weekends....!! ahhahaa can sleep very late at night and wake up during noon...

today went to Pak Li Kopitiam @ Kota Damansara for bunch with mum

Curry Chicken with Bun... so nice gave us drumstick.. the taste is quite good but wonder why no potato. hahhaaa okok requested too much... (太多要求)

i order the Mamak Fried Mee... its not good in looking.. but once a bite you will love it... why? coz it taste like fried CRAB !! yes is seafood taste !!!... i don't know why but at last mum found the answer... its because they fried it with the ''green leave'' which normally ppl used to cook with crabs... hahhaaa

(see the dark green thingy?? not the lime pls) is the green leave .. its kind of the 香料

then we went to the Temple for pai pai (拜拜) today is 觀音誕 (Guan Yin's birthday)

there is a lot of ppl ahhhhh!!!!...

they have a huge place for ppl to eat vegetarian food too.... but we din't try because we eaten already

a monk gave me a wisdom path (心經) card




Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Influenza A(H1N1): total 12 death today in Malaysia

Influenza A(H1N1) in Malaysia is getting worst. Latest update news from theStar newspaper this afternoon.

A(H1N1): Four more deaths, total at 12 (Update)

Wednesday August 5, 2009 MYT 4:10:00 PM

PETALING JAYA: The Influenza A(H1N1) virus claimed four more lives, bringing the total number of fatalities in Malaysia to 12.

Three patients were a three-year-old, a 12-year-old and a 20-year old who all died at the Malacca Hospital on Aug 3, Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Ismail Merican said on Wednesday.

The fourth was a six-year-old boy who died at 2.30am Wednesday at the Batu Pahat Hospital, the second such death in Johor.

Overall, there were 16 new cases of A(H1N1) infection recorded over the past 24 hours, bringing the accumulated total in Malaysia to 1,476 since the outbreak.

In MIRI, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai warned those with even a mild case of flu to immediately isolate themselves from their family and the general public to curb the flu.

He added that the worsening haze in the country was going to make the A(H1N1) situation worse.

On Tuesday, the air quality in five areas reached unhealthy levels as the number of hotspots in Sumatra and Kalimantan increased drastically.

From initially H1N1 cases detected from tourist and oversea return Malaysian, until now the local transmitted cases are increasing dramatically and even bring the numbers of death. Recent death cases involved are children. Are the Malaysian Health Government taking this issue seriously?

Shopping Complex is still crowded with shoppers especially during this Malaysia Shopping Carnival Sales. Just sit at home during weekends? hahahaa how many of us or how long can we stand without going out??

Malaysian Health Ministry advised those to isolate themselves from Family and Public even with a mild FLU ! But how / what to categorized as mild FLU? Cough and flu is just so common among humans.

hahaaa this morning after shower.. i do have a several sneeze !!! hahaaa shall i quarantine myself too?? isolate from Family and Public... then how?? i gonna shift out from HOME? or sleep outside the car pouch? =.='' But who is gonna approve my MC leave from work?

Nothing much we can do... Each of us do little on our part. Can save yourself and others.
- Drink more water
- Wash hand often with detergent/ alcohol
- Avoid going to crowded places
- Take vitamins C/ supplements
- Wear a mask when necessary



Monday, August 3, 2009

my second dream phone - iPhone 3GS

Just 10 months ago, I got my dream phone - iPhone 3G from a hp shop at a very high price because Maxis had not bring in iPhone into Malaysia yet. And finally iPhone 3G is launched in Malaysia early this year in March 2009.

Nevertheless, after US introduce the 3rd generation iPhone - 3GS in June 2009, we also had the latest iPhone 3GS on 31st July 2009.

I had pre-ordered and paid a deposit of RM200 for a set weeks ago after Maxis introduce the new pricing for the iPhone 3GS.

Due to the worldwide shortage of iPhone 3GS, Malaysia had some delay on the delivery. But on the other hand, heard that the delay is due to our Custom too... However, iPhone 3GS was still manage to launched in Malaysia on 31st July 2009 with a very limited stocks only. Priority goes to the Maxis Centre ie KLCC and later distributed to MEP (Maxis Exclusive Partner) and Machines (Apple Premium Reseller) stores. This result on a mess and limited stocks reach all MEP and Machines stores very late in the afternoon. Worst still some have to delay to next day. It makes many desperate customers (i'm one of them) went crazy on Friday.

And due to the delay and limited stocks. I was told that my set was not ready for collection on Friday !!! I was like 'ants on fire' because I had already sold off my iPhone 3G on 9th July due to another desperate buyer wanted it a.s.a.p. =.='' so i'm like 3 weeks without an iPhone already. Its not like the next day i can get mine. but the answer i got is dono when or may be in the 2nd batch that only gods knows when is it. >.<

Its actually a very long story and i just cut short because my temper slashed off most of it after getting my iPhone 3GS at last. I went to the MEP that i make my deposit, to ''fight'' for my iPhone 3GS as i found out those who paid their deposit later than me was contacted to collect their iPhone 3GS set already. How can a desperate weirdo (me) stand the waiting?? I was 100% fire during that time.. hahhaaa and i went to them after work around 5pm. Cut short the story again, i end up registering a new phone line and sign up the idata2 plan in order to get my iPhone 3GS on Friday, just before the MEP closed. Luckily the iPhone sales person in charge will stay till night waiting for customers collection. So i went home and wait as i was told that the phone line need 2 hours for activation.

However, within 30mins my new phone line was activated. so after shower i went back to the MEP store.. but i have to wait for the iData 2 to be activated too! at last i waited for another 1 hour there. There are more customers coming in for collection during that time. At last i walk out the MEP around 8.30pm. Feel so save and comfortable when the iPhone 3GS is on my hand.. hahhaaa ok i'm crazy :p

No more fire.. and all my temper just gone... since the sale person is still very nice and service me although i'm the troublesome customer.. hahaaa Sorry for that la... it's still their business / boss strategies.. he just follow the instruction..

here are some shots on my new dream toy !

(maxis did not change the paper bag.. hahhaa)

the Maxis warranty/ service card

the package (box) is smaller compared to the previous iPhone 3G

a different earphone (with remote & mic) and power adapter and without a cleaning cloth!

the 2 pictures below taken from iPhone 3GS of 3.2MP camera.

iPhone 3GS is 3 days old with me now..!!!! the speed is FAST !... the battery is running out FAST too on the first day >.<>


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