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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jinelle's wonderful Wedding Dinner

on the same day for Jinelle & Nelson ~ 23rd May 2009
venue: Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort

after the morning session, we thought there is some time to take a rest.. but actually we cant.. hahaaa   iris, me and some ji muis have to reach there earlier for some preperation

and we both is the ''receptionist'' too.. hahaa   (behind is Jamie, Iris sis)

we make sure every guest will sign and leave a note on the ''wedding wishes album'' (i dont know whats tat call) and collect the ang pao(s) before getting their table number... hahhahaa 

the wedding little gift.... ~ lovely chocolates... ~

like the day time.. i'm not convenient to grab my own camera... so that night i hand it to the ''cameraman'' hahaa Jamie's bf... most pictures taken by him before i have the chance to handle it. really thanks him.

they actually bought the ''fire ribbons'' themselves.. coz the restaurant did not provide..

the more than 10 seconds kiss 

while the couples are having some ceremony on the stage.... me and iris start to use our free time wisely... taking pictures..!! hahhaaa

siew mun (also a hardworking blogger hahaa)

alton ... (the only guy of our friends)

another 2 leng lui... Janice and See Wei

luckily i got to catch see wei for a pix before she gone back... 

hahaaa this pix taken during the ''keng zau" (敬酒) session... cheerssss 

very fast... as we are enjoy taking pictures.. and following the bride to each table... the wedding dinner ends liao... but i just ate the first dish only... ahhahaaa 

we went outside to take pictures again.. while the couple and parents ''thank''-ing the guests... 

now i know her name... the cute gal in the middle... Hui Xin...!!!  our make up artist for the night.... 

Jamie and bf

hahaa we grab the Bride's bro for a pix too... so leng zai that night... 

the cute bride ~ Jing

after all the guest went off.... the bridegroom and his friends have the 2nd (drinking) session.... so we stay back with Jing... 

later all lights are OFF.... disco time.. hahhaaaa  the guys is dancing crazily... (hope they dont kill me when they saw the pix here, but i dont think they will find my blog lolz)

okie... some of them are drunk by then.... hahhaaa

a pix taken by Iris.... when i was not aware.... 

finally we reached home very late at night... very tiring and hungry..... but we really had an enjoyable night....   hehheeee

thanks all ji muis who help out and teaches us what to do through out the day too...  hahaa me and iris first time being bridesmaid... blur all the way all day long.... 

to my dear Jing : wishing you a wonderful and happiest marriage.. always happy together ^.^   besides that... we still luv you too !!  hahhaaa


Friday, May 29, 2009

first time being a Bridesmaid

the big day for Jinelle & Nelson ~ 23rd May 2009

the day before the wedding, on friday night after we finish all the preparation, we had a discussion with some ''ji mui''s (sisters)... at McD.. hahaha they suggested many kinds of challenging things for the bridegroom and his ''heng dai'' (brothers).. luckily we got to buy the stuff eg. vinegar, eggs, lemons, paper underwears, bitter court, toothbrush, wasabi etc before the shop close.

then midnight me and iris went to Jing's place... (as i blogged before earlier, Jing is a make up artist - [blog post]) we had our manicure and girls talk for the whole night hahaa.. and we end up sleeping for 1 hour only...

the next morning we get up very early...  Jing arrange her friends to help us on the make up too heheheee...  our make up artist in the morning is Suk Woon... 

the other two behind are also make up artists... Cat and i forgotten the name oopz

the most beautiful bride of the day... Jinelle.. 

she has this HUGE doggie ....(its even bigger than her)... must take a pix of him la...hahhaa


ooo.. then they had a briefing to other ji mui(s) for the 接新娘 (玩新郎) ceremony... 
aahemmm whats the photographer aiming eh???  hahaa

as i stayed in the room with Jing...   i dint have any pictures on hand.... so stolen some pictures from Jing's facebook... which uploaded by her friends... hope they don't mind

the bridegroom - Nelson 

the ''brothers'' have to go through a few stages... 
on of it is to wear the paper underwears and writing ''i luv jinelle'' behind..... then they have to roll through a cold and a hot cooked eggs from each side of the pants... heard that some eggs break in their pants... oopssy

the ''drink tea'' ceremony.... 

then we ahead to the bridegroom's house....  

we in the car behind... and is the only time i am free to take pictures... hahhaaa

our new manicure...

woww... the photographer is taking risk so pro... hahaa he took many shots along the highway... 

some of the ji muis in the bridegroom's house  (taken the pix from Jing's facebook too, thx for uploading)

after the lunch meal .... we went back for a rest... and prepare for the night dinner loooo
the gal in flower dress is my primary friend - Jun Han =]

p/s: first time attending friend's wedding and also first time as a bridesmaid... i'm just blur and blur... not really know what to do... uh oh...  

-to be continue-

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my first ear piercing

Actually i'm not planned to blog about this... coz is quite embarrassed ''pai seh'' to have my ear pierced as i'm so old now haahahaa

but one of my friend say that my experience on this is just too funny and i should blog bout it for a remembrance and for others to have a nice laugh tooo   aiks =.=''


i always think that i no need any ear hole as i dont wear earrings... and since small my mum never ever mention to bring me to pierce my ear also... so piercing my ear is not a necessity for me..

one of the main reason for me to decide to pierce the earring hole today is because of Jing hahaa as her wedding is 2 weeks ahead... i shall dress up nicely beside respecting the dinner also respecting myself.... 
what a lame excuse... but really the only excuse for me to take the courage to do it la ... 

so last 2 weeks friend brought me to the goldsmith shop to had my both ears pierce .. OUCH !~ everyone told me is not painful.... but something pierce through your piece of meat.. how can it not pain???  hahhaa but of coz i dint shout.... luckily =.='' if not my friend will just walk away and pretend she don't know me jor.... lolz

oklar... the feeling its like you got stabled on ur ear...=.=''   i dont even dare to see or touch my ears after piercing...  everyone is so funny laughing at me.. hahhaaa  

then i had to avoid ''poison'' food such as seafood... in case my ''wound'' turn bad.. as i got sensitive skin...

here... my ear ~ Before ~

and ~ After ~

after one week, thank god my ears are in good condition, Pinpin suggest that i should start to twist the earrings... so that it does not stick to my flesh..  

however after few days... the left ear starts to swell..  =.=''   may be is i ate squid and prawns  kekkeeee... 

they suggest me to take off the earrings for my ears to have a breathe and wear it back...  this is the most interesting part... as i had a very hard time to take them OFF my ears ~!!!  

as its still pain... and the earrings itself its so tight !!!  i took the whole morning suffering trying to take one off... at last Pinpin decided to give me a hand as she really had no eye to see me suffering on it anymore...  hahahaa   she took some time to take it off too because she scared to hurt my poor little ear. At last she manage to take off the right ear wan.... with a loud ''PAK'' 
gosh !! why they had to make the new earring so tight !!!!   

after taking out... i have to wear it back again.... =.=''  why human just like to torture ownself..  again i had a hard time to put it in... until another friend suggest that i put some lotion on it..  hey to my surprise it went in so smoothly this time... ahahaaa

Pinpin dare not take off my left ear wan as its still swollen.... so at night i tried it myslf at home...  the whole night i was trying to plug it off... but FAIL... its painful due to the swollen.. and my temper start to fire...!! really geram and hot.... so frustrated that i cant take it off... once thinking to cut off my left ear already lolz.. 

until 2am finally another ''PAK.." sound... the earring is off !!!!   phew...

luckily after taking off and putting it back once... my ears are feeling natural with the earrings now... no more pain....  didn't wasted all my effort and suffers ... 

the story does not end there.... last saturday ... wearing a new earring for the whole day for Jing's Wedding (blogging about the wedding soon)..... my ear got hurt again !! its injured now....  why my stupid ear is just so useless and sensitive... =.=''

now i have to clean my poor ears and wear back the usual gold earrings again.... haiz wonder when can my ears accept the additional piece of ''creature'' on them leh??? 

* i know its a long post.... coz i'm really a long winded blogger  hahahaa*


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bridesmaid shopping Days

as mention in my previous post that my lovely friend, Jinelle is getting married soon...

me and iris will be her bridesmaid... so last few weeks.. we started to go shopping for bridesmaid dress... (this is my first time wearing ''dress'' besides working clothes).. so Jing and Iris will be responsible to bring me shopping.. hahhaaa

we went 1Utama, Pyramid, and lastly found Kota Damansara is the best place to shop for dresses... 

the three musketeers lolz

actually we tried multiple dresses... hahhaaa but noooo i'm not gonna blog out here... :p 
just one from far... 

the 3 naughty playing around in the boutiques

but due to some typical reasons... i just manage to shop all my required dresses last friday... within three hours =.=''    really rush and SWT... hahaha

got a very simple bridesmaid dress for the morning session...  (its really short!) rm134.10

a tube dress for the wedding dinner...  the original belt is abit tiny... so i bought another belt for it... total figure is very nice.. rm188.80  hahhaaa 

bought 2 pair of shoes too !!

the black wan for dinner  @ rm116.90

and a white wan for morning @ rm99.90

both are 3 1/2 inch high heel !!  hahaha my first time again coz the most I wore before is just 2 inch...   


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