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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day 2009

hahhaa... yes i'm gonna -"back-date''- this post... i'm blogging my Valentine day now..!! =.=''   although is abit late.... ahaahahaa    (has been very lazy for months to arrange all the photos) but i still wan blog about it...  (will backdate it to February next week after my frenz and readers read it)

the day before, See Wei called me out for a movie....and since i had nothing to do on Valentine's Day.... so i called along leng jie... and we 3 go 1U to celebrate our Valentine's day.... 

while collecting the movie tickets, saw the “Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula” cartoon autograph session... by KIDS !!!  kids also have fanz now... hahaa this is cool..

We watched the Pink Panther 2 [blog]  - really a funny movie and we laugh like mad in the cinema.. oopz.. 

at night we have dinner at New York New York Deli [blog]... a deli cafe just open after the renovation on the previous Giant hypermarket space.... and only i know Giant actually took up so huge space.. because now so many new shops and restaurants held in there and even a Cold Storage market in there and still the corridor was so spacious... 

Roasted mushroom Cappuccino ..i was curious about the ''cappuccino''... there isnt any taste of coffee in it .. but actually the cream bubbles on top looks like only 

Mo' Mushroom - lots of slice mushroom inside..  cheese... and tomato

cwei's fillet with carbonara spaghetti

leng jie's half chicken with carbonara penne  

cheesy mussels  (not hot enough... quite cold)

hmmm think she is first time appearing in my blog.... so have to introduce her abit... lolz
my beloved friend since primary two....  see wei  (hahhaa she also not much changes since small la... )

see wei and leng jie

victory....!!  hahhaa enjoying ourselves and ignore and passerby.... lolz



  1. Yer...mussels cold liao how to eat, super fishy taste le like that...

    Seewei really no changes...hahaha...still looks the same, as leng lui as ever...

  2. morningGREAT marogal! wah valentine day? lolol! now alredi what month o? haha clicko again! thanks for tekaning for me!

  3. mun: hahhaa may be i left it too long gua.... yea she is always ^.^

    crazy: hahhaa lazy to arrange the pix previously... so post now la... late better than none... hehehee


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