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Friday, September 26, 2008

countdown 16hours for SHOW MI AGAIN !!

yeah yeah yeah...

almost 16 hours to go... for SHOW MI AGAIN sammi genting concert 2008...!!!

going genting later....but i only watch the 2nd night.... ehehe...

looking forward for the show...!! too excited .. hahaha

sammi say : come... i'm waiting for you.....!!


better get some sleep first... its ''too early'' now already..


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ipod touch 2G or ipod nano 4G ??

Is has been almost 2 weeks since Apple introduce the latest ipod TOUCH 2nd generation and ipod NANO 4th generation in US and all over the world. Currently, the ipod nano was out in Malaysia since last weekend but the ipod touch was not in yet. Last weekend i went over to Epicentre at Pavilion, a salesman told me he had no idea when the ipod touch to be introduce in Malaysia yet. However, yesterday i called-in epicentre to reconfirm. they told me it will be out either this weekend or next month. So just wait la...

Nevertheless... i still have no idea which to choose for my next gadget... hahaha choose 1 or don't buy at all... i still cant make up my mind...!!!

look at the difference and similarity... the ipod touch is so slim and small and cute.... so convenient... the ipod touch is just like the 'thin' model of iphone... so wish that iphone is here in Malaysia so i no need to crack my head to pick. ipod touch can watch movie, wifi surf web, an organizer and even playing games now...

got the price list from, the price of ipod touch 8G can get a ipod nano of 16G already.. furthermore additional 280 can get 16G ipod touch...!! aiks... how how how to choose?? of coz ipod touch is much better in terms of the functions and programs ... but i still aiming for iphone the most. What if the iphone come to Malaysia end of the year or next year?? hmm can i trade-in my ipod touch?? gosh.. i sound so ''pai ka''.. wasting money..!! hahahaaaa

the ipod nano's colors and thinners actually attract me alot... however nowadays can listen music through my IMAC, in the car, radio, etc.. there is seldom for me to listen to nano unless going holidays..

if was say so... then ipod is a waste too.... cos i wont be using the itunes that much... and surfing web... i can do it at home... just an additional gadget for me to play with.... but actually there is not much time for me to play on it... my life is working (cant play with it)... home (got imac)... sleep (use it in the dreams??)... working... home... sleep..... lolz ... unless weekends....

hmmmm.... so whats my conclusion??? waste money?? or save money??? aiks i'm so dilemma..

any suggestions pls ??


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Malaysia Day !

hahaa i believe you go anywhere, anyplace in malaysia, also can hear ppl talking about politics now. my colleagues my frenz and even strangers on the street.... this topic is soooooo HOT now... !!!

i dont know much about politics and also dare not mention much la... dono what will happen.. later ''ISA'' (internal security act) appear infront of me... hahhaa ... but i knew what day is today leh.. hahah  16th September !! is OUR DAY ! our MALAYSIA day !!

ahaha but same as merdeka day... i dint celebrate too... 

tonight went out yam cha with my frenz at A&W .. wow dono how many years i havent been there... is still so tasty with the double scoop ice-cream on top of Root Beer melted me... lolz

btw.... tomorrow is public holiday for Nuzul Al-Quran.. hahhahaa but just Selangor only... hehehee

happy malaysia day and happy holiday !!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

SMS to win SAMMI's concert ticket





source :

myfm is the official radio station sponsor for SHOW MI again Concert in genting 2008. Previously they had a contest for audience to call in and sing a Sammi song to win concert tickets. So for those who missed the chance, now they have another contest and is so easy to participate by anybody... just SMS... and answer 5 simple questions then you got a chance to win the concert tickets.....
i participated... but wont go crazy into it because the sms is RM0.50/sms. Including they send the question so perhaps it will be few dollars to finish the contest... aiks... another win win solution for the telco company and radio station. who is the lost?? guess your own. hahaha


Sunday, September 14, 2008

~Happy Mooncake Festival~

so fast time flies, now come the mooncake festival.... 

中秋節快樂 !!

that day went 1Utama with my parents to buy mooncake for gifts. 
1U - old wing has a mooncake fair.. every year there will be alot of mooncake stall there selling mooncake, lanterns and mooncake cookies. 

hahaa at the centre there is a super huge ''lantern'' but looks more like decoration

the crowd is terrible...  get the chance to grab their mooncakes. J-card member got discounts..

usually ppl will look look see see even touch touch .. haahaa ... and this is when the sales girls will look --- ''duh... hey mister you want to buy or not? ''  lolz

lantern stall..... (i dono that guy ''passerby'', just happen to be in my pix hahaha)

they even have a cook and oven there to make fresh ''kai chai peng''... hahhaa the sifu stand nicely ready there,  i dont want take pix also cannot la... 

but i feels that this year the festival mood is not so strong like previous years already. The economic not so good, ppl buy less things even mooncakes. my office this year the mooncak received even reduce by half leh. 

hope economic is going better.... everyone is happy and healthy.... 

lastly.... HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL...!!!!!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Apple's 2G iPod touch [unboxing pix]

Besides the 4G ipod nano, APPLE came out with the latest 2nd generation of iPod touch today too !!

The new second generation iPod touch is also thinner, with a rounded, polished aluminum back, but it also ships in a simpler, smaller case as well, just like the Nano. It also introduces Genius playlist creation, audio recording features when used with a mic, and a built in Nike+ iPod receiver.

it polished aluminum back is so shining like mirror.

like the iphone 3G, it was updated with the iPhone 2.1 software 

the unboxing of new iPod touch :

in the box: 

comparison with the iPod classic.

reference :


Apple's 4G iPod nano [unboxing pix]

APPLE came out with the latest 4th generation of iPod nano-chromatic today. !!

The new fourth generation Nano is Apple's thinnest iPod yet, but still delivers the same high resolution display of last year's wider, square model. It introduces Genius playlist creation on the go, audio recording features when used with a mic, and an accelerometer that enables "shake to shuffle" and automatic landscape reorientation with Cover Flow.

New design, new features and a variety of colors to be chosen. The colors are all so bright and attractive. at least attracted me. hahhaa 

the unboxing of new ipod nano :

in the box: 

comparison with previous generation of ipod nano. the shape and design is almost the same as the 2nd generation nano, just the screen is longer now. 

reference :


Saturday, September 6, 2008

marogal has a food blog

maro^gal food paradis

just thinking that i actually didn't officially mention about my food blog before though it was created some times ago.

so for just in case that some of my friends or readers who did not realize about it...

its a blog that posting all kinds of food / restaurants/ cafe etc that i visited.... ya... is MAROGAL's Food Paradise...

however... also have been some times i havent update it... hehehee

by the way, i will i will.... update it more often soon.... !!!

stay tune... and remember to visit it when you are free..... =]


Friday, September 5, 2008

Can you smell? Its FRIDAY


**sniff** sniff**.....
smell anything??

i can tell you what i smell........ Its FRIDAY..!!!!!!!!!!!!! weekend is getting closer ... yeah..!!!!

go go go...

relax your head/brain... relax your body..... loose your hand.... loose your shoe.. (haha) ... shake them........

Put your hands in the air and wave hard...... like you just don't care........ cause....

ITS FRIDAY ......!!!!
(beware of your boss is around or not... heheee)

isn't this enjoyable??... hahahhaaaa....... lets celebrate...

**always get these kind of email from my colleagues.. hahaha... find it very funny.... post up to share...


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