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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Farewell party at office

** wasnt been blogging these days... becuz i was tired and so lazy .... hahhahaaa**

Our department had a PIZZA farewell party at office yesterday for Emma...

We order for Dominos Pizza delivery........!!!   got the buy 1 free 1 promotion... is so worth it...  they just in time 10mins before our lunch time....the pizza delighting smell just ''killing'' everyone before the ceremony starts... lolz

we had the party with another department so is was so crowded.... everyone start to grab their pieces of pizza !!... 

i was unable to stuck in.... so just take pix 1st la... HAHhahaaa   cant even see the food jor.. 

the cake from Emma....  de clerk of our department

she was been so helpful to us and reduce many of our administration work...  hmmm hope we dont have the hard time teaching the new clerk to do the work...
she actually requested for transfer to another branch for 2 years alr... finally she got it approved... =.=''  cos is very troublesome for her to work here since she is staying so far far away.. every morning have to change 2 buses and a LRT to reach office... gosh.... somemore she is pregnant now... 
she gave her farewell speech with tears.... kesian... miss us so much ar.. hahHAHhaaa   but cant help stay too far

a pix with her for memory..... and we bought her some baby's hamper..... 

thankx emma.... 


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) into Malaysia

came across the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) when i was checking my current mobile bill.
MNP is finally into Malaysia and is now on-going. All user of any telco can now have the freedom to change telco while maintaining their 10-digit current mobile number, with (012, 016, 013, 018)

the Maxis website, updated the MNP at the main page :

i actually thought that they came out with a new plan which is more than the current ''extra 10'' because i saw so many human figure there.. lolz (i actually start counting how many figures there hahhaa)
then i found out is the MNP !!! 

the introduction of MNP for user understanding.

in the specific MNP website, they listed out top 10 reasons why should users switch to Maxis. 

as usual, maxis provide the online wizard to see which plan you are suitable for.

of coz after searching your perfect plan, can straight sign up online. is that simple.

here is DIGI :
they have the MNP advertising on the front page too.

as same, the introduction of MNP

Digi and Maxis is really always the great competitors, Digi also propose with the 10 reasons to switch. and in additional with 3 unbeatable benefits equals to 13 big reasons. hahhaaa

they even compare it with ''Their plans''... lolz  exactly the Maxis plan and Celcom plan are in. 

what about celcom?

its just showing it with a small link right at the bottom

the dull wordings.. make me too boring to continue reading... lolz

last but not least, the new telco company - U mobile :

their strategy is just to provide their user a very detail explanation of MNP... hhahhaa nothing else =.=''   good info also, everyone can read thru here and choose the telco of your choice. lolz

do i missed out any telco? btw, i just knew about this four.

i am a Maxis user since i own a hp more than 5 years ago. i have friends using Digi, having a hard time calling them in 3 years back. However, they improves alot nowadays, coz with too many ''yellow figures'' following you everywhere. I just used Digi prepaid once 2 years before, just to participate in a sms competition to win concert tickets, but i lost. hahahaa  
As for celcom, i never use before, so i have no comment about it. i think all ppl around me only a colleague using this telco.
U-Mobile is new. surprisingly i had used it 2 months ago, trying on the starter pack coz is FREE, further the ''018'' is a nice number, i even chose a number which ends with 1348.. (rich for whole life lolz). however, may be i don't know how to use prepaid or what, cos i used it 2 days before it expired, but i cant call out and sometimes shows no connection. at last i wasted my RM10 of initial top up.!!!!  =.=''

i never think of changing Maxis from my hp. further, almost 95% of my contacts are Maxis users !!  hahahaa.. i'm NOT working or a promoter of Maxis... lolz but i just love maxis, although sometimes their customer service is lousy... but throughout the years i felt they had actually improved alot. 

Honestly, do hope that the introduction of MNP will bring benefits to the users, as all the telco will now start to compete each other to attract more users, their rates will gets lower and lower, and ''we'' the users will enjoy ....hahhahaa

BUT BUT BUT, after introducing MNP, now you are unable to know which telco is your friend is using.!! then how to benefits from sms / calling to the same telco?? hmmm i also don't know. any solution yet?? 


Monday, October 13, 2008

a full Rainbow

have you seen a huge Rainbow ?? hmmm i actually seldom see rainbow... got also just a side or part of it only once or twice. But this time.... is a full(moon) rainbow ah...!! from top to tail... btw i dont know where is top where is tail la.... lolz

this evening when i was going off from work, my friend called me on phone. She told me that she can see the beautiful rainbow in the sky around my area. I was puzzled a while coz is the first time someone called me just to tell me to see rainbow.. hahahaa...  but i really wanna thank her for telling me.

so i went off to take my car. it was drizzling... the rain is like snow drizzling softly down (just looks like snow but it wasn't in fact) but the sun is still so shinning/ burning up there. I cant find a sight of the rainbow, so i just think may be i dint have the luck to see it bah.

then while i was driving, after a U-turn. To my surprise !! some thing enlightened me in front. and here starts the ''dangerous driving''. because i was busying taking out my phone to capture this precious moment. and my focus is 70% on the rainbow and hp screen while 30% on the road only. 

pix taken with my SE 810 (3.2MP) 
the rainbow just in front of me ah...

then i shift to try using my iphone 3G with only 2.0MP

by that time i was focusing more on the road cos there is a split junction infront... with not so familiar and the holding position of the iphone, i was so clumpsy... just agak agak the position and take a few cos i feel the car behind me is gonna kiss my boot. Now the rainbow is on my right already. but i have to turn left, so end of my rainbow-capture.... hahahaa 

luckily that time was 6pm, many cars on the road and not moving fast, if not sure i got ''honk'' already.

hmmm sorry for too excited to see rainbows....  to be honest, is the first in my life time to see that huge rainbow in front of me la.... pai seh...

** btw, my car screen was tinted, thats why the pix bit dark =] **


Sunday, October 12, 2008

my dream phone - iPhone 3G

finally got my dream phone...!!!  Apple - iPhone 3G  : it combines three products in one — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do — again.

the iPhone 3G 16GB box set in white

de dar.....  the actual phone

in the box 

Stereo Headset with mic, Dock Connector to USB Cable, USB Power Adapter, Documentation
Cleaning/polishing cloth, SIM eject tool

here it goes, is an unlock version..

and my iphone is ready to use...  work with all telco in Malaysia. mine currently is Maxis

the ipod, browse music in Cover Flow and watch widescreen video with the touch of a finger

the sms session... several msg from Maxis (always spamming my inbox hahaha)

i have been using it couple of weeks already... despite flewing a bundle of money, having a great time with the iphone.. hahah... but still exploring..  will keep updates some interesting about my iphone... :-)


Friday, October 3, 2008

Fantastic Genting Trip DAY~2 - Show MI Again Concert!

continue from Day 1

8.30am... fren drag me up for breakfast... all cafes, restaurant and even fast food are so expensive in Genting. So have to take full benefits from the free breakfast from first world hotel.. hahhaaa

although a few times staying in first world, but this is the 1st time i step into its breakfast cafe.. aiyo... so many ppl..!!! inside is so full and even hardly walk...furthermore there is lack of plates and bowls !!

the food... errr... NO COMMENT..... you see and judge yourself bah.... lolz  (but i really never see such ugly ''sunny top'' egg before... =.=''

after breakfast... we have nothing to do... ahhahaaa so we voted and decided to go back to bed... wahhahahaa......... yeah yeah... back to dreams... cool weather.. nice to ZzzZzzzzz...

woke up around 3pm.... then we go have a walk..... and take ''big head'' photos...

hahhaa... think this is my 2nd time taking photo from these machines....yuen loi they are so hi-tech wan ah... the photos came out to be so nice... just like you had put on foundation and almost no pimples can be seen.... lolz... not bad not bad...

then i went to collect my Sammi concert tickets..!!! the main purpose i came to genting this time is SAMMI CHENG..!! hahhaha SHOW MI AGAIN !!! 

after dinner.... at the Eatery... check out the restaurant is nice..: food blog

we went for the concert before 8pm...  there is a special lane for GEnting WorldCArd member...  i just walk in puzzled... and they requested for my WorldCArd... hahhaa they actually got the member reward of RM20 top up onto your card for watching sammi concert.. hahaha so nice.... in other words i got extra RM20 discount from the ticket lor.... hehheee  but i finish up the credit after the concert.. lolz

here comes the Arena of Stars... the first time i step in here is for Show Mi 2007... and this is my 2nd time here also for Sammi....

the stage... 

me and leng jie.... 

i had blog on the concert details on my another blog : Maro^gal Entertainment Space 

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fantastic Genting Trip DAY~1 - DREAMZ

went to genting for a trip with frenz last weekend.... had a very great time and so enjoying the cool air up the HILL....!! 

see the clouds... the wind is so strong and cold.....

checking-in at the first world hotel lobby... this time we get to use the machine kiosk rather line-up over few hundreds numbers.... hahhaaaa  check-in thru machines is much much faster within 2 mins... 

shift all luggage to room... then we went Starbucks yam cha and online...

ahhaa.. 3 musketeers   [from left : leng jie, jinelle and me... ]

night view of Highland hotel

as usual went to coffee terrace at Genting hotel for buffet dinner...  lolz always stand this place for a pix

gals like to play 自拍 (self take photo)

they renovated the walking path.... Star Walk ... presented most of the artist who perform in genting before.. and some albums there..... think ppl wont steal it gua... or is just empty box?.. hahaha

got 2 free tickets from AOD-Astro on Demand for the show DREAMZ 
so we went to watch at the Pavilion.... 

the poster shown many animals .... 2 fat dogs... white tiger and lion.....they even have the promotional clips mainly on the animals...  but hor those animals only come out less than 2 minutes... =.=''

and the worst thing is NO CAMERA in the show...!!!   

but... but.. i still curi taken some pix with my hp... lolz
some sort of a musical show... many singings... and live band at a side..   
saw the black patch on the wall stage??... i dono is their tv problem.. or main to be like tat... lolz some video are covered up by the black patch.... i think not all tv is functioning la...

here comes the white tiger...!!!! 

and this performing is stunning.... see the round circle globe??.... it can fit up to 4 bikes inside turning around..... the stunned man very geng la....    up to here i was ''WARNED'' by those security there  =.=''  no photo please!!

after the show... you can take pix with the white tiger... and 

also the white lion..    per pix is RM60..  both tiger and lion is RM100 

after the show... we walked out walking down the street outside to first world hotel.... blowing the cool air.... wowwww..... hahhaaa 
then went into the casino... see see look look play play....   till early morning... lolz

-to be continue~~ 

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