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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my new toy: Canon EOS 500D

i think i had a bad habit of buying things... i'm a shopaholic !!!! sometimes i just din't think twice and make decision to buy something within 1-2 days.

here comes my new toy.....!!

Canon EOS 500D

I first owned DSLR camera...!!! hahaaa so i have totally don't know how to operate it.. hahaaaa

still exploring hard.... any classes that i can attend ar? heheeeee >.<

taken some pictures with my new gadget....
(click to enlarge)

is the same ball.. it change color randomly.... but how come my background is clearer than the ball? hmmmm

yam 冰皮 (ice) mooncake !

still ''working'' hard on it.... can i ponteng work just exploring my new toy?? but i found something... my eye tends to feel some ache-ing after using it... oooopzzz


****will be away for the next 2 weeks**** hope i will be back with some nice pictures to share.... ho ho ho....

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