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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear Warehouse Sale ~ 30 Apr - 3 May 2009

the Warehouse Sales here again !!....  by Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear 

Discount Duration :
Thur, 30 Apr 2009 - Sun, 3 May 2009, 11am to 9pm

Company :

Location :
Cathay Cineleisure, Lot G23-26 Ground Floor, No 21 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya

Promotion :
Zara 2009 Warehouse Clearance Sales ,Irresistible savings on apparels & accessories

Brands Offered :
Massimo Dutti
Pull and Bear

source from :

Friday is labour day and also a public holiday....  may be is a labour day sales..!!  hahhaa 

a long weekend.... can shop till broke...   oopss >.<    (imagining the crowd already)

keep in mind... no bags are allowed... only wallets and purses... !!! 

happy weekend shopping  ^.^


Thursday, April 23, 2009

DVD: Lady Cop & Papa Crook (Director's Cut)

大搜查之女 (DVD) (導演加長版)

After watching the movie in cinema for twice beginning of the year... finally the DVD is out.... the best part is that it comes with the full version of - ''Director's Cut'' ... !!! 

Malaysia is selling the cinema version.... so i bought this through  

Finally I got to watch the parts that was missing previously - blog - ie pregnant sammi !! and some tiny parts... the ending, Eason was not caught by the China police.. he got back to Hong Kong and continue to be the head of ''traids'' although he told Sammi that he already stop all illegal things...   Sammi caught him on video by fixing a hidden camera in a teddy bear for his new born baby.   There is almost 5 - 10mins  more at the Ending !!  

the FULL version is much much better than the cinema version la...!!! 

I think if you wanna get it in Malaysia :
1) need to order from music shop ie Rock Corner 
2) purchase online -

Product Information / Track List

另一結局導演加長版 (首度暴光)

* 特別收錄:
- 製作特輯
- 預告
* 片長: 98/91 分鐘

導演: 麥兆輝,莊文強

經營非法紅油的黑道油王霍青松(陳奕迅 飾)因一次油車爆炸意外成為香港警方及國內公安眼中釘,此時要面對獨生子被綁架的他顯得心焦如焚。

高級督察司徒慕蓮(鄭秀文 飾)是警隊明日之星,以精明幹練見稱警界,她接手偵查霍青松之子綁架案的任務,動員全幫上下追查,帶隊進駐霍家,使他決定與警方合作救出兒子。



English synopsis here.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my Earth Day 2009

It is Earth's birthday today.. 22nd April... Earth DAY !!

Honestly I just aware this morning through the radio station... hehhee (pai seh)... i think i heard before but din't aware or remember the date bah...

i google and found the meaning of earth day as follows: 
Earth Day, celebrated April 22, is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year. This date is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.
The United Nations celebrates an Earth Day each year on the March equinox, which is often March 20, a tradition which was founded by peace activist John McConnell in 1969.

Quoted : wiki
further information : earth day 2009

Did any green today??

I just did a very small part.... use recycle papers in the office... as we already did it everyday.... because our department paper usage is really scary..!! alot of drafts and originals to be printed and all one sided only.... papers are like water ''flowing out'' 
but the most stupid thing is our printers... often jammed with recycle papers =.='' 

whatever... we still try to use the recycle papers.... and retrieve the jammed papers everyday... hahhaa think ppl should invent printers mainly for recycle papers... yeah!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday lovely Duckie !

so fast another year again... time really flies toooo fast.... a clip of eye... there it goes... its year 2009 already...

Van Harte Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag !! (happy birthday in dutch) to you Duckie..!!

compared to last year ''secret party'' for you....... this year...i just choose to have a quiet and peaceful birthday wishes to you through my blog...  ^.^   hope you like it...

glad that the postman rush up to send over the card to you....i'm so surprised that its just right on time.... hope you love it... hehheee 

steal a colleague's birthday cake for you hahhaa.....  its total of 64 cupcakes ah..!!! you can eat slowly... and distribute to you friends and family @ Holland..... 

lastly wish you have a great year..... stay healthy and happy always...


Monday, April 20, 2009

Woman rapes man in Russia

Came across this news at this morning... hahaaa this is quite a funny news that ''awake'' me from Monday Blue..!!

Don't think that woman always ''lose'' Don't think that woman usually be the victim to be ''raped'' !! Guys should have the opportunity too !!

Wonder if this would to happen in Malaysia... may be those robbers will be frightened to robbed ?? or it will attract more ''insane'' people to do that?? oops...

A hairdresser from the small Russian town of Meshchovsk has subdued a man who tried to rob her shop, and then raped him for three days in the utility room, reports.

The incident occurred on Saturday, March 14. The working day was coming to an end at a small hairdressers, when a man armed with a gun rushed in and demanded the day’s earnings.

The shop’s owner, 28-year-old Olga, was handing the money to the robber, she suddenly knocked him down on the floor and then tied him up with a hairdryer cord. The 32-year-old Viktor couldn’t have known that the woman was a yellow belt in karate.

Olga approached the man and ordered him to ‘take of his underpants’ threatening to hand him over to the police if he refuses to cooperate. After that Olga raped her hostage for three long days. She chained Viktor to the radiator with pink furry handcuffs and fed him Viagra.

Viktor went straight to hospital as his genitals were injured, and then to the police.

After that she wrote a notice to the police claiming the man tried to rob her shop. Both Olga and Viktor may now face prison terms. The woman could be convicted of rape, while the man of robbery.

Full Report :

Conclusion, may be girls should learn some martial arts / karate to defend themselves enough... don't do ''extra''... like the news above.. =.='' this is crazy....


Sunday, April 19, 2009

The 28th Hong Kong Film Awards (第28屆香港電影金像獎)

just finish watching the LIVE broadcast from Astro... however it was ''live'' through HK TVB... TVB had cut alot of the scenes !!! many winners had their speech cut halfway.. =.='' i think is to speed up in case overtime at the end...

I had search through the web for the latest awarded list and some pix too

The 28th Hong Kong Film Awards

最佳導演 :許鞍华《天水圍的日与夜》

最佳男主角: 張家輝 Nick Cheung 《証人》

最佳女主角: 鮑起静《天水圍的日与夜》

最佳男配角: 廖启智《証人》

最佳新人獎: 徐嬌《长江7號》

最佳影片 :《叶問》 監製:黄百鳴
最佳編劇 :吕筱华《天水圍的日与夜》
最佳女配角: 陳丽云《天水圍的日与夜》
最佳攝影: 黄岳泰《画皮》
最佳剪輯: 邱志伟《保持通話》
最佳美术指導: 叶錦添 《赤壁》
服装造型設計: 叶錦添 《赤壁》
最佳动作設計: 洪金宝 梁小熊 《叶問》
最佳音響效果: 吴江 Roger Savage 《赤壁》
最佳视覺效果: Heather Abels《赤壁》
原創电影音樂: 岩代太郎《赤壁》
新晉導演: 郭子健《青苔》
最佳亚洲电影: 《集结号》
專業成就獎: 配音演員 丁雨
終身成就獎: 蕭芳芳

All others participants of Leng Chai Leng Lui

the couples..
Donnie Yen and wife

Tony Leung & Carina Lau

Nick Cheung & Esther Kwan

熊黛林 Lynn

林志玲 Ling Zhilin

周迅 Zhou Xun

湯唯 Tang Wei

吳君如 Sandra Ng

毛舜筠 Teresa Mo

the 頒奬嘉賓

Miriam Yeung & Richie Ren

Karina Lau & Anita Yuen

Chi Lam & Michael Tse (Laughing Kor)

Vanness & Wu Zhun

Jacky Cheung & Sandy Lam singing performance is great...

HOCC and Kay is one of the host tonight too..!!



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthday Celebration @ Neway

Last month end.. we went to Neway for a friend's birthday...

the Birthday Girl.... Sing Leng (jie)

her sister Jamie

Jing @ right
hahhaaa we are tickling Leng jie when shooting the pix...

the food...


lots of desserts...

Jing's bf and another 2 friend of them...

the galz....

got a Free Cake & Champagne from Neway...
they will set the Birthday MTV exactly at 12am and brought in the cake...


the Neway guy who served us... hhahhaa

yammmmm senggggg...... !!!

some birthday gifts...

may be is monday night... so we get to sing from 8pm - 1am still continue non-stop until we are all exhausted and requested for the bill.... hahhaaaa next day need to work ... oh no....


Thursday, April 16, 2009

e-filing for dummies

Have you file your tax ? Its time to countdown on the deadline to file your tax of 2008. Most ppl will do it at the last minute.

But now the e-filing is very convenient... paperless... no forms and no need to submit the physical Tax Return Form. Just a few clicks and it will be done.

I had try out the e-filing this year. HAhhaa very fun indeed.

the Official LHDN Web : Malay / English

for first time user, you will need a pin number to log on @ e-filing web

for existing user, you can get it from your 2008 Tax Return Form

as for NEW user, get it from the nearest LHDNM branch via mail, fax OR email.
I would recommend using email/ fax because is the most easiest way.
Provide them the following details and documents in your email to
i). Tax Reference Number
ii). Latest Address
iii). Copy of Identification Card (front and back)
iv). Telephone Number

i got mine thru email, and they really responded fast.

after getting your pin, log in here.
there are several user guides on the web on how to do your e-filing.
suffer reading Malay language? they provide samples and guidelines on different languages too. : web

after you get the password, log in to file your tax : here
you will need to key in the individual details and statutory income & deductions. The last part of tax calculation will be taken care off by the system itself.

you can even fill up the form halfway, save it nicely, save/ print a draft copy,
Until you feel you are satisfy, log in to click Submit.

Soft reminder,
BE 2008 - 30 April 2009 14 days left
B 2008 - 30 June 2009 74 days left


Sunday, April 12, 2009

late for work?

i really wanna blog about this... hahahaa this happens very early this morning... 

i was deep in my sleeping.... dreaming and whatever.... suddenly... i just jump up from bed.... as usual next thing will be had a glance on my table clock... 8.10am !!!!   oh sh_t !!!!  next thought flew through my brain is... I'm gonna LATE for WORK..!!!!   second thought flew pass...  aiks forgotten to set alarm yesterday night before sleep...   (while my heart is pumping quite fast that time)

then i quickly jump out from my lovely comfortable bed... took my towel from outside.... close my door (will explain later why i emphasis this)... and rush into the bathroom.... while i was taking off my clothes... errrr ok abit XXX here.. hahahaa....  that time part of my brain starts to calm down.... thinking today might be SUNDAY....   eh.... then right part of the brain telling me.. NO! its gonna be LATE.... alright while both side of the brain is debating (in within like 5 seconds).... ok... finally conclude that its only SUNDAY today.... !!!!   

then i was like.... '' uhhh !!!'''     what de......!!

wear back parts of my pajamas... throw aside the towel... and faint back down into my lovely bed....  and i took sometime to fall back to sleep... coz my little heart is still beating HARD

and eventually i slept till 1.00pm today... hahhaa  then the most funny part is when later mum came to ask me... that she heard i ''shut the door'' this morning... asking me whether is me or the wind blew....   lolz i was giggling and told her that it was me.... hahhhahaa  because i thought it was MONDAY ....    then mum say i'm crazy..!!! hahhaaa

OMG... this really crazy la..... AM I THAT HARDWORKING?? DO I REALLY LOVE WORKING SO MUCH??? ahhahaa

actually not the first time i suddenly awake and look at the clock thought i was late for work... but normally before i could jump up from bed... my brain already flashed me second thought that its still weekend duh...!     BUT this is really the FIRST time ever i came out from bed went into toilet... and taking OFF my clothes..... gosh..!!  luckily i didn't finish up and drive to work.. un-realise about SUNDAY....  if not it will be the biggest joke ..hahhaa

working is making me crazy...!!!!    yes... ''work'' you must admit this... you are making me crazy..!!! its actually 神經緊張 ... (i dono it in english)... oopz


Movie: Shinjuku Incident

Watched Shinjuku Incident (新宿事件) last week with Jing and Leng jie.

I never watch the trailer and don't know what this movie is about... so i just expect from all the previous Movies of Jackie Chan, this is another movie of his fighting and his kind of ''joke''. 

But hey... this movie is actually 18PL !! no jokes no much kungfu fighting... HOWEVER too much violent fighting (piek yau 劈友) scenes.. and quite disgusting and gerli..!!! not suitable for KIDS... hahahhaa

Jackie Chan as Steelhead, in this movie was just TOO serious and hmmm he really looks old already...

the story started he sneak into Japan illegally to search for his fiancee, Xiu Xiu (Yuko) by Xu Jinglei 徐靜雷 (too young to be with Jacky Chan la... especially when they stand together... looks like his youngest sister =.='')  whom had already married to Eguchi, a yakuza boss and have a very cute daughter.

Steelhead's gf in Japan, Lily by Fan Bingbing, a mama-san at a local night club, where a place for most chinese immigrants for a drink.

a friend of Steelhead, Daniel Wu as Ah Jie. He helped Steelhead to settle down in Japan. his character is the most innocent and always got beaten badly. 

One incident he become disfigured and lost one of his arm. Ah Jie was unable to get over the trauma (even until he died), and his personality goes through a dramatic change and soon started peddling on drugs. He later looks like a ''joker''... 

Yuko's husband, Eguchi by Masaya Kato. He is embroiled in an internal tussle for gang leadership and makes use of Steelhead to help him achieve his aims. Funny is that He as the yakuza boss, was always out alone without any ''gang'' or bodyguard.... he was attacked twice on his 2 outing. 

Naoto Takenaka as Kitano, is the Japanese police officer who investigate on the group of illegal immigrants. He was saved by Steelhead in an incident and then they develop a grudging respect between themselves. At last Kitano was able to break the major narcotics case involving the Yakuza with the help of Steelhead.

He is one of the Chinese gangster under the control of the Japanese Yakuza... his ''yee pit kai'' is so funny... hehheee

the story ends.... with all the chinese died in the big ''fighting''..... 

one of the major attractive of the movie is that... there were too many languages in the movie... English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese.. and also Hokkien..!!  hahhaaa

Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu came for the Shinjuku Incident Premieres in Malaysia

my ratings : 5.5 / 10




credits : Official Web,, youtube, GSC Cinema


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