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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Movie: Little Big Soldier (大兵小將)

Quite sometime did not see Jacky Chan's movie. Surprisingly Lee Hom is one of the main character in his movie.. Lee's first movie probably?? he looks so ''green'' in the movie hahaha.
Basically the story about an old soldier (Jacky Chan) kidnaps a young general (Lee Hom) of an enemy state and takes him on a long journey back to collect rewards. However, they fight each other and help each other through the journey. At last they become friends.


credits : youtube, GSC Cinema


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Movie: All Well's End Well's 2010 (花田喜事)

The traditional Chinese New Year Movie ~~ all well's end well's came back to cinema since last year the 2009 version. This year, it was in ancient costume.. As usual directed by Raymond Wong and starring by the main actor and actress, Sandra Ng, Raymond Wong, Ronald Cheng, Louis Koo etc. this year they added the recent hot chicks, Angelababy and super model, Lynn Xiong.

May be i was hoping for a good movie, but it disappointed me. the movie was so mo liu !!! besides very obvious and fake laughter point, there isn't any main story line in the movie... OMG..!!


credits : youtube, GSC Cinema


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Man and Woman, War and Peace (Singapore)

男人與女人之戰爭與和平 舞台劇
Man and Woman, War and Peace
by Edward Lam Dance Theatre (Hong Kong/ Taiwan)

Date / Time
19 Feb 2010, Fri 8pm
20 Feb 2010, Sat 2.30pm & 8pm

Esplanade Theatre, Singapore

Friday, February 12, 2010

Movie: 72 Tenants of Properity (72家祖客)

Can't wait to watch this after CNY... so yesterday night after work went 1U to watch it already..!!!
a CNY movie of over 180 artists!!... how can you not watch it? hahaa

This movie 72家租客 is origin from the oldies movie - 七十二家房客 over 30 years ago..

The story is about the tenants of the happenning street of Mongkok in HK. Rushing of time.. Found a detailed synopsis from wiki,

In 1970s Hong Kong, rapacious landlords try to evict 72 tenants but sworn brothers Ha Kung (Eric Tsang) and Shek Kin (Jacky Cheung) help the group of 72 defeat the landlord (Lam Ka Tung) and landlady (Charmaine Sheh) and coincidentally rescue Pinky (Anita Yuen) from a planned forced marriage. When both sworn brothers fall for Pinky and propose to her, she flips a coin heads or tails and Ha wins her hand in marriage.

The sworn brothers become sworn enemies and Sheks hatred fuels intense rivalry against Ha in business dealings ranging from the manufacture of plastic flowers to the selling of stinky bean curd. Even after 40 years they continue to clash and in 2010 they are in keen competition selling electronics appliances in Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok, the busiest street in the city and still home to the 72 tenants. [Full synopsis]

some pictures

my ratings: 9/10


Thursday, February 11, 2010

CNY Holiday soon !

Chinese New Year is coming very very soon. This year is really quite quiet, not much CNY feel although everywhere is so jam all day long.

today don't know what happen, my office pc cannot boot!!! after several on/off the main switch is still the same. so i gave up and do nothing for the whole day... aiks... just did some admin work using colleague's pc for some urgent things.

luckily boss didn't notice i'm ''lepaking'' in the office for the whole day... hahahaa... since i'm so free i need to think of something to pass time leh... at last i decided to make some red packet decoration for the department... made some ''lantern'' but they say is like bird nest... and some ''fishes'' deco in the morning.

in the afternoon after lunch.. we had our annual year hampers distribution party.. hahaa start unwrapping the hampers and rearrange them into different groups.

guess what is this??? is huge.... tiger woohoo??? lolz

hahaaa is actually mandarins!!

after arranging them... we had lucky draw as usual....

there are these 3 bottles of red wine... they are so cute with clothes on..!!

this is what i get from the lucky draw.... lets cheers..!!!!

happy chinese new year and wish everybody good health, wealth and prosperity in the year 2010!!!

going back home town tomorrow.... yay =]


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sammi LOVE MI World Tour Concert 2010 (Genting, Malaysia)

After 10 superb nights of Sammi Cheng LOVE MI concert in Hong Kong, LOVE MI World Tour next station is Malaysia !!!.... there will be two nights concert held as usual at Arena of Stars, Genting Highland on 19th and 20th March 2010.

Date : 19th March 2010 (Friday)
Venue : Arena of Stars, Genting
Time : 8.00pm
Tickets : RM410 / RM300 / RM220 / RM160 / RM100

Date : 20th March 2010 (Saturday)
Venue : Arena of Stars, Genting
Time : 8.00pm
Tickets : RM480 / RM350 / RM250 / RM180 / RM110

tickets are for sale already...... grab ur tickets fast... especially those who missed the HK show.....!!! every single ticket was sold off in HK last december... tickets was ''fried'' up to HK$2400 per ticket.. =.=''

Genting official website : Sammi LOVE MI World Tour Malaysia

**poster from sammicollection
thx rip


Monday, February 1, 2010

Movie: Tiger WooHoo! 大日子

the first the foremost local production chinese new year movie by Malaysian !!!! ~ Tiger Woohoo! (大日子)

At first i didn't think of watching it.. honestly i don't like local TV show nor movie.. hahaa. however watching the advertisement (preview clips) from Astro, i felt interested on this movie because its very very funny !!! Further with the acts by Ah Beng and Ah Lian... I decided to watch it... Surprisingly a few groups of my friends actually asking me to watch too.

But one thing for sure... the movie tickets is really hard to fetch !!! Despite the limited cinemas which were showing this movie, the theatre on-show was given the smallest one as well. Usually 2 days before the showing time is already fully booked and purchased ! Finally i manage to buy my tickets 2 days in advance at 1am midnight..!

The movie started about Ah Beng lost his job and still wanted to show off to his neighbour Ah Lian. So he make a big show out of it bringing his parents to Japan but actually brought them to his friend, Ah Rain's studio to take photos. Ah Beng and Ah Rain later left the hometown and get a new job in Kuantan with Ah Huat. They were there to be trained by Pat Chi as a team to perform WooHoo dance for the village. Ah Beng met another Ah Lian there...

在马来西亚东海岸的米昔拉村,一直有个渊源流长的传统习俗——就是每一甲子(六十年),在酬神祭奠的大日子里,必定会以“舞虎”来酬谢天后娘娘。但是上一次在祭典上表演“舞虎”的连八记(萧斐弘 饰),现在已是风烛残年的老人,而且村子里已经没有年轻人可以接棒表演“舞虎”了。八记的孙女阿连(曾洁钰 饰)惟有刊登征聘广告,以万元月薪招聘“舞虎”新丁。

冲动好胜的银行保安阿炳 (林德荣 饰),忠实憨厚的炒馃条小贩阿发 (杨佳贤 饰)和嘴硬心软的造型摄影师Rain (陈志康 饰),各自都在生活中遇到了瓶颈,于是马上被“月入过万”的征聘广告给吸引了。另一边厢,满脑子武打功夫梦的大学生Bobby (邱文博 饰)也来到了米昔拉村,加上急功近利的村长儿子Alan (颜江瀚 饰),五个性格各异的年轻人,就这样因“舞虎”而聚头。


众人在连八记的指点下,苦练舞虎,但是训练的过程仍然是一波三折。先是担任虎头的阿发,发现连八记的大孙女,竟然是自己藕断丝连的前女友Mindy (萧慧敏 饰)。阿发心情大受影响,如何苦练都无法成功上桩。连八记告诉阿发上桩的秘诀,同时也暗示阿发应该向Mindy证明自己的实力。阿发获得提点之后,终于开窍了,并成功地上桩了。正当大家以为舞虎祭典终于能顺利演出之时,舞虎用的虎头竟然被发疯的老水牛踩坏了。距离舞虎祭典只剩下三天,舞虎团是否能渡过这次的难关呢?阿发和Mindy是否能再续前缘呢?阿炳和阿连这对欢喜冤家,又有什么样的结局呢?

Some of the pictures in the movie:

ah Beng and ah Lian

ah Rain .. hahaa he has the classic telephone with him as handphone.

the WooHoo Dance !

ah Lian and her grandfather, Pat Chi

another funny family... with 4 daughter and hoping for a son.

Ah Lian's little brother.. hahaa he is so chubby and cute

Ah Beng's neighbour at hometown - Ah Lian

Bobby 仔...

tough training.. hahaa

my ratings: 6.5/ 10

First impression after watching is.. this movie really really really a very very local production. All the stage dialog are all mixed with Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, English, Malay etc. A very Malaysian show... hahahaa
If you have nothing to do, if you need some humour? this movie is the best choice.. hahhaaa further... can support local production too !!!

After watching the movie realized that the scenery of Kuantan is quite nice too.... may be going there for a holiday next time.. hahaha


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