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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my first ear piercing

Actually i'm not planned to blog about this... coz is quite embarrassed ''pai seh'' to have my ear pierced as i'm so old now haahahaa

but one of my friend say that my experience on this is just too funny and i should blog bout it for a remembrance and for others to have a nice laugh tooo   aiks =.=''


i always think that i no need any ear hole as i dont wear earrings... and since small my mum never ever mention to bring me to pierce my ear also... so piercing my ear is not a necessity for me..

one of the main reason for me to decide to pierce the earring hole today is because of Jing hahaa as her wedding is 2 weeks ahead... i shall dress up nicely beside respecting the dinner also respecting myself.... 
what a lame excuse... but really the only excuse for me to take the courage to do it la ... 

so last 2 weeks friend brought me to the goldsmith shop to had my both ears pierce .. OUCH !~ everyone told me is not painful.... but something pierce through your piece of meat.. how can it not pain???  hahhaa but of coz i dint shout.... luckily =.='' if not my friend will just walk away and pretend she don't know me jor.... lolz

oklar... the feeling its like you got stabled on ur ear...=.=''   i dont even dare to see or touch my ears after piercing...  everyone is so funny laughing at me.. hahhaaa  

then i had to avoid ''poison'' food such as seafood... in case my ''wound'' turn bad.. as i got sensitive skin...

here... my ear ~ Before ~

and ~ After ~

after one week, thank god my ears are in good condition, Pinpin suggest that i should start to twist the earrings... so that it does not stick to my flesh..  

however after few days... the left ear starts to swell..  =.=''   may be is i ate squid and prawns  kekkeeee... 

they suggest me to take off the earrings for my ears to have a breathe and wear it back...  this is the most interesting part... as i had a very hard time to take them OFF my ears ~!!!  

as its still pain... and the earrings itself its so tight !!!  i took the whole morning suffering trying to take one off... at last Pinpin decided to give me a hand as she really had no eye to see me suffering on it anymore...  hahahaa   she took some time to take it off too because she scared to hurt my poor little ear. At last she manage to take off the right ear wan.... with a loud ''PAK'' 
gosh !! why they had to make the new earring so tight !!!!   

after taking out... i have to wear it back again.... =.=''  why human just like to torture ownself..  again i had a hard time to put it in... until another friend suggest that i put some lotion on it..  hey to my surprise it went in so smoothly this time... ahahaaa

Pinpin dare not take off my left ear wan as its still swollen.... so at night i tried it myslf at home...  the whole night i was trying to plug it off... but FAIL... its painful due to the swollen.. and my temper start to fire...!! really geram and hot.... so frustrated that i cant take it off... once thinking to cut off my left ear already lolz.. 

until 2am finally another ''PAK.." sound... the earring is off !!!!   phew...

luckily after taking off and putting it back once... my ears are feeling natural with the earrings now... no more pain....  didn't wasted all my effort and suffers ... 

the story does not end there.... last saturday ... wearing a new earring for the whole day for Jing's Wedding (blogging about the wedding soon)..... my ear got hurt again !! its injured now....  why my stupid ear is just so useless and sensitive... =.=''

now i have to clean my poor ears and wear back the usual gold earrings again.... haiz wonder when can my ears accept the additional piece of ''creature'' on them leh??? 

* i know its a long post.... coz i'm really a long winded blogger  hahahaa*



  1. haha. better be late than never :)

  2. veli pain pain la..last time i pierced my ears hor..i scared til i closed my eyes during the peircing!!!

  3. ean: haha ya u are right..

    lisa: i half close my eyes too... heheeee but i think now the pain is when taking out the earings and putting back in... before it fully recover... i wonder i still need to wait how long.... =.=''


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