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Sunday, April 5, 2009

my DIY Fruits Enzyme

the word ''Enzyme / 酵素'' sounds quite popular these days... what's Enzyme? you can actually find it easily at Google or wiki.  Now everyone make your own Enzyme !

How i start to know Enzyme?? ... this is months ago when I was sick during CNY, and my aunt tried out her DIY Fruit Enzyme on me. I was actually refusing to consume any... because my cough will last for weeks or months if it get worst. But at last I still ''gamble'' to try it since aunt was eagerly wanted me to... and see what's the result of consuming it.... she wanna see whether the enzyme can cure sick my cough or not. =.='' 

And miracle happens... the next day i really felt better and cough was like suddenly recover hahhaaa   and i actually took a just a tablespoon of it only.

so last 2 weeks i tried to make it myself......... 

 ** you may need to google and get some research on this because i'm not professional too.. hhahaa its just my first time trying out  **

things I need : 
1 empty glass container
rock sugar (smashed)
1 pineapple
5 green apples
1 lemon

the most important thing is to wash all the glass container and fruits (before cut) clean... and dry them before cutting the fruits...  NO WATER drops allowed ...  even after cutting the fruits... DO NOT WASH them already  (MUST be clean and dry for the whole process)  the fruit's juice itself is ok.. but NOT WATER

smash it into pieces... honey or organic rock sugar also can

~cut the fruits into pieces~

layer and fruits and sugar into the glass container

full it up.....

and wrap it...  and keep it in dry and cool place

open up and stir it every 2 days... 

this is what happens after 5 days...

can see bubbles pop up... 

after 2 weeks.... is ready to drink....   sieve the liquid into another container and can kept it in the fridge

it smells goods like wine !!!   i tried the fruits... wow very sweet...
(its really contains alcohol... because mum's face turns red for 45mins after drinking, she is very very sensitive to alcoholic)

this is another DIY Enzyme that my mum made....

just Tomato and Honey...

 ** you may need to google and get some research on this because i'm not professional too.. hhahaa its just my first time trying out  **



  1. interesting... i didn't know there's such concoction for cough!

  2. interesting indeed. importantly u shouldn't ignore exercise which many people don't pay attention to it at all

  3. Hmmm... interesting!! maybe I might wanna try it out too. Some nice fruit cocktails.

  4. woah ur DIY food enzyme sounds abit errr dunno how to say! lol

  5. oh mum is doing that enzyme too!!

  6. renaye: so coincident may be... but enzyme is kind of healthy drink.

    Johnny ong: hahhaa you are right... i'm one of those who are lazy for exercise >.<

    pikey: yeah... can be cocktails... but i find it too sweet... need to add more water when drinking

    crazy: hahhaaa sounds like what??? disgusting?? hahhaaa

    weng lian: tats cool... recently is quite popular about enzyme

  7. OMG! i wanted to post it too! actually u can take ur vegetable/fruits dreg n mix wif brown sugar to make so called detergent. hehee

  8. aLvin: hahah can get free detergent!!... thx alot.... will try it out soon... =]


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