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Friday, May 9, 2008

Liu Li Gong Fang Exhibition @ Pavilion, KL

tat day went pavilion and saw this exhibition... enter into a world of liu li crystal
liu li (琉璃 = 是中國古代建築以及現代中式建築的重要裝飾構件,通常用於宮殿、廟宇、陵寢等重要建築)

the exhibition at the centre court of pavilion...
“The Proof of Awareness – Contemporary Liuli Art of Loretta H. Yang” is her first ever exhibition to be held in Malaysia. Loretta H. Yang has spent years in exploring designs with the theme of nature, flowers and the philosophy of the human life. This exhibition reflects the next phrase of her life as an artist – A Crystalline World. [web]

the founder of liu li gong fang - Loretta Hui-shan Yang

These are huge products

all these are 3D wan...
[click to enlarge the pictures]
[click to enlarge the pictures]

these are smaller sizes wan...

The Green Gala Charity Fund Raising Event
at the exhibition, all the sales of the pendant named ''the Beautiful Heart of Our Land'' which is inspired from the word ''hope'' will be donated to the Yayasan Nanyang Press. Limited to 1,500 pieces in the world only. 500 pieces are given exclusively to Singapore galleries and Pavilion galleries.
The Yayasan Nanyang Press founded in 1999 aims to achieve social goals through ceaseless society interaction and development. This first collaboration with Liuligongfang hopes to promote awareness in environmental conservation and recycling. All the proceeds will go to the Malaysia Nature Society and Independent Pet Rescuers. The Malaysia Nature Society will use the proceeds to educate school children about recycling; and the Independent Pet Rescuers for salvation of stray animals.

so i bought a blue wan...just for charity.... :D




  1. nice ones being exhibited. must be really expensive for those big ones there.

  2. hi johnny.... ya very exp ler.... small one alr few thousands.... the big ones no price stated but written there limited few pieces only in the world... got owner alr wans... think wanna buy also hard la... .just for exhibit...lolz


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