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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vitamin C booster with Redoxon

After following thestar online at Twitter, i get all the latest news updates from thestar newspaper instantly through tweetie (iPhone Apps).

The death on H1N1 updates is so frequent that happens everyday >.<
Malaysia is getting worst compared to other countries.. our deaths are increasing crazily !

Yesterday update of 2 deaths:

staronlineA(H1N1): 2 more deaths; toll rises to 64

yesterday colleague introduce me to drink Redoxon !!! get myself some supplement for antibody and Vitamins especially Vit C... prevent FLU !
and since the pharmacy is doing promotion so i bought it... hahahaaa

sometimes (usually) is bored/ tired during office hour... so i sneak out to pharmacy and bought it... hahaaa on the other hand refresh my brain after sitting in front of the PC for too long.

and start to make the drink in office too....
this Red packet type is quite sweet, so i make it with 500ml water

drop in... and its melting... hahhaa

just realized that my bottle got a cute BEE ahahhaaa written ''A little happy bee in the forest''. lolz ok i'm still a KIDDIE lor... heheeee

a snapshot on the list of contains in each tablet.

take care everybody... !!
fought with H1N1 !!!
don't let it harm humans so easily..!!!!



  1. Yeah, i saw this in pharmacy justnow! How it taste like? is it the same wif the normal ones? I'm taking the vitamin C wif zinc. But this new one only realise in market recently right.

  2. alvin: the taste is almost like the normal ones. the color will be slightly darker, not so liquid and not so much gases. ya i think it should be new. the pharmacist introduce me this as it has more vitamins and with just a few dollar extra. so is more worthy.. haha

  3. vitamin C is an water soluble anti- oxidant vitamin.vitamin c helps the formation of collagen.


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