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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 52th Independence Day !


Today is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya.

Tunku Abdul Rahman announced our independence from the British on August 31, 1957 at Stadium Merdeka.

"MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!! MERDEKA!!" (if not mistaken he shouted 3 times i think)

Stripes of Glory - ''Jalur Gemilang'' of the Malaysia Flag.

I didn't joint the crowd this morning, as usual they will have some celebration performance and marching at the stadium merdeka every year.

A good holiday on Monday.... sound so nice to me... can sleep till late noon... hahhahaa

Went to 1Utama shopping today.... the crowd is terrible too... especially the cars outside... i hardly can find a car park space... at last parked at roadside and walk in... luckily no saman (perhaps the police still busy at the Celebration)

The theme song for this year - Satu Malaysia (satu rakyat, satu kebangsaan)
It comprise of all the languages of Malaysia... sang by all the AMP Radio Networks DJs.

**(just found out what is AMP tonight, check this out if you want to know here.)

I think this is the only song I find it quite nice all these years... ahhaaa recently keep listen through myfm radio station
(honestly cant really recall what are the previous theme songs already... totally no idea about it at all!)

Youtube - Satu Malaysia

Hope Malaysia really is SATU !! (not just say say)
Malaysia grow even better in future...!!


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