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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pizza Hut quality turn down?

三點三下午茶 also known as hi-tea ...
hahaha but cant have hi-tea in the office.... usually a 'light tea' which you make your own coffee/ tea/ milo and take a piece of biscuit.

today our department had a heavy ''hi-tea'' !

because we ordered PIZZA HUT !!! for a special occasion treated by a colleague.

wah wah wah... snatch snatch snatch... hahhaaaa ''i want this.... i want that'' ... too kelam kabut

actually we don't know what the colleague order... so just can guess from its appearance..

this piece hmmmm after looking at it for quite sometime, we concluded that the PIZZA fall sick may be carried with H1N1 virus!!! cos it look so pale... hahahaaaa
(should be tuna pizza)

this wan should be Hawaiian chicken because i saw pineapple and some chicken cubes

errr... tomyam? or seafood?... hahhaaaa cos its quite oily ... anyone took this the whole piece of tissue will be soak with yellow oil..!! and they commented it taste like indian curry taste...

i took a piece of Hawaiian chicken and a piece of Beef Pepperoni (without pix).... and i'm so full already.

Had been sometimes din't eat PIZZA HUT... usually take Dominos... But donno since when PIZZA HUT's pizza quality had drop like waterfall !!!! the crust/ bread is so thick and not crunchy at all..(like eating a soften French Loaf). the topping is so less too (look at the Tuna pizza above, ingredient is just like 30% covered) compared to Dominos .... >.<

May be due to the delivery time, the PIZZA had soften?? Please la... quality control very important also...... !!


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  1. yummy, i love pizza. i also think pizza hut quality drop d.


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