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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) into Malaysia

came across the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) when i was checking my current mobile bill.
MNP is finally into Malaysia and is now on-going. All user of any telco can now have the freedom to change telco while maintaining their 10-digit current mobile number, with (012, 016, 013, 018)

the Maxis website, updated the MNP at the main page :

i actually thought that they came out with a new plan which is more than the current ''extra 10'' because i saw so many human figure there.. lolz (i actually start counting how many figures there hahhaa)
then i found out is the MNP !!! 

the introduction of MNP for user understanding.

in the specific MNP website, they listed out top 10 reasons why should users switch to Maxis. 

as usual, maxis provide the online wizard to see which plan you are suitable for.

of coz after searching your perfect plan, can straight sign up online. is that simple.

here is DIGI :
they have the MNP advertising on the front page too.

as same, the introduction of MNP

Digi and Maxis is really always the great competitors, Digi also propose with the 10 reasons to switch. and in additional with 3 unbeatable benefits equals to 13 big reasons. hahhaaa

they even compare it with ''Their plans''... lolz  exactly the Maxis plan and Celcom plan are in. 

what about celcom?

its just showing it with a small link right at the bottom

the dull wordings.. make me too boring to continue reading... lolz

last but not least, the new telco company - U mobile :

their strategy is just to provide their user a very detail explanation of MNP... hhahhaa nothing else =.=''   good info also, everyone can read thru here and choose the telco of your choice. lolz

do i missed out any telco? btw, i just knew about this four.

i am a Maxis user since i own a hp more than 5 years ago. i have friends using Digi, having a hard time calling them in 3 years back. However, they improves alot nowadays, coz with too many ''yellow figures'' following you everywhere. I just used Digi prepaid once 2 years before, just to participate in a sms competition to win concert tickets, but i lost. hahahaa  
As for celcom, i never use before, so i have no comment about it. i think all ppl around me only a colleague using this telco.
U-Mobile is new. surprisingly i had used it 2 months ago, trying on the starter pack coz is FREE, further the ''018'' is a nice number, i even chose a number which ends with 1348.. (rich for whole life lolz). however, may be i don't know how to use prepaid or what, cos i used it 2 days before it expired, but i cant call out and sometimes shows no connection. at last i wasted my RM10 of initial top up.!!!!  =.=''

i never think of changing Maxis from my hp. further, almost 95% of my contacts are Maxis users !!  hahahaa.. i'm NOT working or a promoter of Maxis... lolz but i just love maxis, although sometimes their customer service is lousy... but throughout the years i felt they had actually improved alot. 

Honestly, do hope that the introduction of MNP will bring benefits to the users, as all the telco will now start to compete each other to attract more users, their rates will gets lower and lower, and ''we'' the users will enjoy ....hahhahaa

BUT BUT BUT, after introducing MNP, now you are unable to know which telco is your friend is using.!! then how to benefits from sms / calling to the same telco?? hmmm i also don't know. any solution yet?? 



  1. i also end with a question mark, with MNP introduced, if 012 friend is digi user, lol.. then u phone him/her sure pokkai one -.-+

  2. LOL. I am a Maxis user too since 6 yrs ago.

    One thing have to admit is Maxis doesnt really have good coverage as I don't get full line/ sometimes no network @ my area.(bukit jalil).. Its jz like I am staying at any '3 ka la' place(desert place) HAHAHA!

    I gonna get myself another celcom line soon! :p

  3. chuafc2006: ya lor... hope that Maxis will hav a new plan of same calling rate for all telco

    canny: hi gal.. hahaa urs at ''bukit'' tats why san ka la.... hmm may be bukit jalil have no maxis receiver eh... i have no prob at my area.. but recently seem like all telco having signal prob... =.=''

  4. My phone book may used to be 95% Maxis users before, I wouldn't say so for the next one year or two as many of my friends have opted to change to Digi, which offers better rates and more rewards. What Digi can offer to end users are really unbeatable and very tempting, especially to the new users and cost-conscious consumers.

    With MNP, I have about 50+ friends who have made the switch to Digi, retaining their 012 numbers. I foresee the percentage to drop further.


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