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Sunday, October 12, 2008

my dream phone - iPhone 3G

finally got my dream phone...!!!  Apple - iPhone 3G  : it combines three products in one — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do — again.

the iPhone 3G 16GB box set in white

de dar.....  the actual phone

in the box 

Stereo Headset with mic, Dock Connector to USB Cable, USB Power Adapter, Documentation
Cleaning/polishing cloth, SIM eject tool

here it goes, is an unlock version..

and my iphone is ready to use...  work with all telco in Malaysia. mine currently is Maxis

the ipod, browse music in Cover Flow and watch widescreen video with the touch of a finger

the sms session... several msg from Maxis (always spamming my inbox hahaha)

i have been using it couple of weeks already... despite flewing a bundle of money, having a great time with the iphone.. hahah... but still exploring..  will keep updates some interesting about my iphone... :-)



  1. interesting gadget, made famous by its worldwide promotions

  2. i can't wait for the google phone though... :p iphone still quite good huh

  3. wow my fav phone leh..arghh... haha agree with u , the satisfaction of having what we want despites of seeing money right.. wei I change with u my PDA want? lol..

  4. how much you pay for that phone?

  5. wow! that alot of $$$ i thought iphone 3G should be cheaper...

  6. btw ur new ipod is so cooooolll....

  7. oopss.. sorry.. lol.. typed wrongly.. iphone.. ^^

  8. oh, i see. that means you are using illegally phone??!!! haha, just kidding :) anyway, you got a nice iphone

  9. Nice phone! My dream phone too! But I think I'll just keep dreaming bout it. hahaha.

  10. oo actually pictures taken with iPhone also not bad sia , just that our service provider doesnt give nice plans ! ):

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  12. johnny: yea... and hope it will get famous (apple) in Msia soon..

    cherry: i saw the google phone article on newspaper tat day... but i still prefer iphone.. hehee

    robin: thx robin.. bought it quite exp.. need to starve for months dy... hahaa

    ahmike: satisfaction sometimes will kill u.. hahaha do u think i will change my dream phone for ur PDA??.. lolz

    junjun : thx... hahaa

    princess: hope ur dream come true one day.. =]

    vveijie : the camera on normal photo is ok.. better taken at a bright area.. and no auto focus in iphone.. =.=''

    doria: thx for the web... :)

  13. mm..congrates!
    I dun really like this fon..
    maybe because the camera..XD
    other than tat, I always love Apple products!!!
    (I own a LG Renoir, which has a 8MP camera..)

  14. Jean: yes you are right... i think iphone has one and the most disadvantage is the camera...!!! only 2.0MP... =.='' hope it will be improved soon.....

    wow LG had 8MP now... cool..


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