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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Went to Temple today - 觀音誕

the only time i enjoy sleeping is during weekends....!! ahhahaa can sleep very late at night and wake up during noon...

today went to Pak Li Kopitiam @ Kota Damansara for bunch with mum

Curry Chicken with Bun... so nice gave us drumstick.. the taste is quite good but wonder why no potato. hahhaaa okok requested too much... (太多要求)

i order the Mamak Fried Mee... its not good in looking.. but once a bite you will love it... why? coz it taste like fried CRAB !! yes is seafood taste !!!... i don't know why but at last mum found the answer... its because they fried it with the ''green leave'' which normally ppl used to cook with crabs... hahhaaa

(see the dark green thingy?? not the lime pls) is the green leave .. its kind of the 香料

then we went to the Temple for pai pai (拜拜) today is 觀音誕 (Guan Yin's birthday)

there is a lot of ppl ahhhhh!!!!...

they have a huge place for ppl to eat vegetarian food too.... but we din't try because we eaten already

a monk gave me a wisdom path (心經) card




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