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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My first RM1.75 from Nuffnang!!

just notice that i have got my first earnings of RM1.75..!!!!! within 3 weeks..
i had actually earned 25 cents in the first week.... but zero on the second.... however before i was totally upset and giving up... i got an additional of RM1.50 in the third week..!!!

look at this...

hahaaa... cant believe that i can blog and crap about my life n story during my leisure.. while earning some money at the same time... cool...!!
thx so much nuffnang.. and nuffnangers..... and of coz my frenz..!!!

wonder when i can reach RM50.00 to cash it out?? hmmmm .... ho ho ho... will carry on....!! hahaaa



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. congratulations~~ keep this up and spend me kfc~ lol

  3. congrats congrats! :)

    after reading your blog..I've just found out that I have $0.80 in my account too!! XD

    congrats on your earnings again!

  4. Good. There's more to come. Keep it up and you might get CPV ads.

  5. congratulation, first.
    i've joined nuffnang for about 2 months & i got only rm2.86 so far.haha...
    anyway, ghar yao!!

  6. thx e.g.g ... u gah yao too.>!!

  7. i click jor many times la...

  8. heyya.. thanks fro dropping my blog.. just returing the favor. lolx

    and good job on your humble earnings!

    heres to more earnings to come...

    go on, ramble some more. haha!



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