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Friday, July 18, 2008

Glitter tattoo on me at genting

went up genting on a sunday to help up a fren of her booth. woke up quite early and meet up at McD for breakfast before depart up the hill.
i followed another friend's car. she is driving a MYVI. and to my surprise after riding it i realise there must be something wrong with my old little car. this is because her MYVI was ''flying'' up the hill smoothly while mine was ''climbing'' sounded with ''vooommm voommm'' noises the other day. it must the time for a big service.

so this is the booth we had in front of the Arena of Stars. Franjin.K is the partnership set up by my friend and 2 of her partners. they provide all types of make-up, hair-do, nails, and even giving classes. 

so before the show starts they were at the backstage putting up make-ups for the models, and my part of the day is to give out flyers with another friend. however, we found out that the audience are mostly elderly. hahaha they were so funny, and i got many ''lemons'' from them. because they told me they got the flyers with them when i was handling over mine to them. But actually the flyers they holding are colorfull papers while mine is purely black and white. how come they say is the same?? got liao.. got already... hmmm =.='' 

when the show starts... we just sneak in and have a look. the 1st part is some dancing.

next is the bridal demonstration show. there are only 4 tall models on the stage, while others are ''keh leh feh'', from young to elderly. the woman who won the astro 樂齡歌唱比賽 champion was on the stage wearing the wedding gown. end part got cheung sum too. 
friend and i felt bored and nearly fall sleep by then, so we went out to see what to help out.We dint finish watching, as per scheduled, later that is some singing performance and also a feng shui master talking about wedding feng shui. heard that this is the 1st time wedding feng shui talk held in malaysia. errm... but not much ppl participated although the admission is free. i think the organizer is the main faulty la.. the function is quite unsuccessfully held up lor. not organized too.

the make-up artists came out after the bridal show ends. then friend started to hand itch. hahaa and she start to draw some body art on us. 

a pinky butterfly. and it will ''fly'' when u move your wrist up and down. cool 

this is a neon color paint. suitable when you go disco.. hahaa glow in the dark. 

the neck art.

a rose. haha and this is my friend jinelle.. she drew all these arts. 

even on my hand.

the sunflowers?? 

a close up. all these are body paints, so it does not have side-effect on our skin, no taste, no smell at all too. (i actually try to sniff, hhahaha) it can be washed off just by tap water, i have tried it.  the cool weather at genting is just so nice and no sweat at all, the body arts just stay so nicely throughout the whole day.

i also tried the glitter tattoo. (a temporary tattoo) is just sticking up by body glue. jinelle told me is just black but surprisingly end up with few colors.. i got mine with 2 tone color and is so matching with iris's scaf. hahaha  
this tattoo can last up to 3-4 days. and of cause all these body arts and glitter tattoo have a little charges, but i got them all FOC... hehehee... .

iris, jinelle and me

after a long day work, we enjoyed our dinner buffet at the coffee terrace. ate alot, it was so full and satisfactory. but all of us looks so tired.... hahaha

me and iris then drove down the hill back home... 



  1. Nice body art. Jinelle is a great artist. ^^

  2. haha.. thanx apple... :)
    got chance, can try next time.. ;-)

  3. do u have shops in kl? i love the body arts and would like to have 1 too


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