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Saturday, September 6, 2008

marogal has a food blog

maro^gal food paradis

just thinking that i actually didn't officially mention about my food blog before though it was created some times ago.

so for just in case that some of my friends or readers who did not realize about it...

its a blog that posting all kinds of food / restaurants/ cafe etc that i visited.... ya... is MAROGAL's Food Paradise...

however... also have been some times i havent update it... hehehee

by the way, i will i will.... update it more often soon.... !!!

stay tune... and remember to visit it when you are free..... =]



  1. Use your own domain lah and not by Blogger, it is worth the effort, more people know you etc

    try too for yr inspiration

    Azrin @

  2. gd luck in ur food paradise :)

  3. i like your food blog =D sadly i live in singapore.


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