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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unboxing my apple TIME CAPSULE !!

After blogging about the latest product of apple- macbook air and time capsule in the beginning of 2008. I was actually keep avoiding myself to go near pavilion after knowing the apple time capsule had actually arrived in Malaysia. This is because i know i cant control myself of not buying it. the longer i prevent from goin, the longer i can save up my money. hahaa cheating myself theory?? lolz

ever since i got my imac in last November, i had already addicted to apple products. they are so cool and unique. i cant resist myself of buying it. 

at last, i went pavilion tat day and bought my 2nd apple product - TIME CAPSULE from epicentre @ pavilion (because i got the member card).

here is the box with my time capsule in it, brand new unopened.

the side and back of the box.  :D  the apple logo so cool right?.. ahhahaa 

~~ 2008 @ Apple Inc. All rights reserved.. ~~

wow..  i have to open it carefully.. blade the plastic off nicely at the edge... then pull out the inner box... O.0

what is inside the box??

Da -- dah...  whitish time capsule just infront of my eyes..

a power cord and an envelope 

CD with Airport Utility, printed and electronic documentation

yup the bottom of time capsule.. there is also a logo at the bottom.

and finally here you are... after installed,  yup is ready to be used when is flashed green

i actually encounter some problem installing it, i tot i can do it without reading the manual book, ahaha but i'm wrong...  
another problem is the wireless for the 1st time back-up is really SLOW!! i took hours just to transfer 2GB of memory. So i take the advice from the apple support, i go get a connection cable to connect between my imac and time capsule.  and it took only 2-3 hours to back up 42GB of memory.
a last weird thingy is that, how come my 500GB memory become 463.8GB after installing? where is my balance of 36.2GB gone to?... ah the wifi took so much of the space?? aiks

Now my time capsule is doing well as a (wireless) router and an automatic back up storage with time machine.!!  

hmm whats my next target of apple products??  yup is the coming soon IPHONE.. !!! hope it come to malaysia as soon as possible... with 3G perhaps?  heheee  then i can use wifi and storage for my iphone with time capsule too. a perfect match...!!  XD



  1. Erm the missing storage space is actually not missing.

    Harddrives are like this. 1kb of data is not equals to 1000b of data, its just close to it if I'm not wrong its 900+ b.

    Dont worry, all hardrives are like that

  2. Regarding your hard dish issue:

    Contrary to popular belief, this anomaly is not caused by factory-installed programs, file system overhead, or swap space… it’s an unfortunate consequence of little more than math and marketing.

    Hard drives are sold and marketed using decimal gigabytes. That is, a “GB” consists of 1,000,000,000 bytes. However, computers interpret gigabytes in binary. To a computer, 1 GB = 2^30 bytes, or 1,073,741,824 bytes.

    The ratio of “actual” to “marketed” file size is the ratio of these two interpretations, or roughly 0.931.

    Therefore, a 512MB iPod shuffle (for example) actually has 0.9313225*512MB, or about 476.8MB of space usable to a computer.

    Read more here:

  3. cool , but i hate mac product. :D

  4. ic.. thx for the explanation..!!

  5. I can understand how it feels to be besotted with apple. I am totally infatuated with my imac as well. Enjoy your mac!


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