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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

long lost class-mates gathering

tat day we came out for a small gathering and also becos is iguana's birthday... hahaaa  (oops used to call her iguana liao cant change, actually her name is guanne.. ehehe)

tat day i ask 2 long lost fren out too....  i think i had been years dint meet them jor... since CNY period... so ask them out talk talk eat eat....

we met in secret recipe at Tmn Megah.

the food we order:
spring-roll  (an appetizer of the vietnam noodle set lunch)
pumpkin soup
of coz got my beloved -- mushroom soup   (ahhahaa)
chicken lasagna 
vietnam noodle soup
taumaric sauce chicken chop (err forgotten wats the actual spelling)
errr... fish & chip   (okok is kids' meal)
XXxxxx chicken  (forgotten the name... is a whole piece of chicken inside is cheese)
BBQ chicken kebab
hmm the food from secret recipe tried few times jor.... no need i say much la.. ahaha but also need depends cooked from which branch....  normal lor.... hahaaaa

The dessert cake :
hazelnut cake
coffee cheese cake...
chocolate indulgence
the cakes are yummy...!!!

PIX with frenz :
pui kin.... 2ndary fren la.... .. she sat beside me in form 4...  but lost jor contact after finish schooling...  hahaha
this is wen yen... knew her since form 1.... we born in the same month same day gar... lolz... hahaa actually we got sms contact la... just dint meet up for years jor lor..
tis wan old fren la.. ahahaa   iguana the birthday gal... and right is my mandarin teacher

the wan most right is leng jie..!!! (friendly -- her new name)
2 guys in tis pix.... alton and jerry... 

hahaha....we eat eat eat n chat chat chat.......... for few hours la.... sit whole day long there.. hahaaa



  1. that one called "cordon bleu"...
    i just makan on last week...+ pumpkin soup
    heaty...+ FATZ!~!!

  2. hahaha nice food...
    got abc chips.. lol

  3. uu : haha yaya thx for reminding... so much cheese inside sure fatz.. kekee luckily i din eat.. hehee

    duckie: not bad the food... hahaaa yaya but i prefer normal chips nicer...

  4. eh i wan change sing leng name to kindly hahha...can ar ? lol...
    eh u eat kid's meal agian.. duckie soudn so interested wit the meal lol next time she com here v bring her eat lol..

  5. leng lui... ahha can.. u ask her lor...

    hehehe.. pai seh... kids meal smaller portion mar...

    no prob... catch duckie go secret recipe.. hahaa


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