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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 : copy & paste, MMS, spotlight & more coming this summer

Apple have announced a whole bundle of new features for iPhone OS 3.0 last night 1:00am (Malaysia time). Glad that they announced on the most wanted features especially the copy & paste function, the MMS, spotlights etc.

-- In-App Purchase – allows to download contents in apps, while the free apps will remain for free.

-- Peer to peer connectivity - automatically identify running apps and create an instant IP connection with existing Bonjour technology, wireless over Bluetooth.
(does it means iPhone can bluetooth pictures and files to other cellphone??)

-- Push System - cut off connections running in Background to preserve battery life

-- Maps API - pinch and zoom, get satellite view, hybrid, standard map, add custom notes, use WiFi and cell triangulation

-- Cut, Copy and Paste - Works across all apps (Two draggable icons appear for customizing the selection. Double tap in an empty space to bring up bubble and paste), shake to undo

-- MMS feature - send photo, audio and contact files.

-- Landscape Keyboard mode - all apps on the iPhone will have landscape keyboard. including the Mail and Notes.

-- Spotlight - Search comes can be done an almost all apps: Calendar: search for apooinments. in iPod: song name, album, artist.. and in Notes: by title or body.(Flick to the left from the home screen to get Spotlight UI.)

afterall, is FREE upgrade for the original iPhone 2G & iPhone 3G.
iPod touch will need to purchase for the upgrade ($9.95)

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 will be up this Summer !!

for more details can be found in apple iPhone 3.0, engadget and iphone buzz


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