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Saturday, March 14, 2009

iPhone 3G confirmed officially into Malaysia

Maxis recently announce the launching of apple iPhone 3G on 20th March 2009. However, there are several puzzle that whether is it officially from Apple or distributed through Singapore, because there isn't any updates on the Malaysia Apple Website.

Finally today the web was updated and there is a new page for the ''iPhone'' same like all other countries. 

the iPhone 3G is really Officially coming into Malaysia..!!! 

MALAYSIA is now listed in the ''coming soon'' list  =]

''where to Buy'' is also leading to the Maxis website.

there are also iPhone accessories web in the apple store and is still waiting to be updated. 

but i still hope Maxis may improve their service plan for their user to fully benefits and utilize the iPhone 3G. 

credits : apple malaysia



  1. how much willl it cost leh?

  2. its goin to be a big hype. people will die for it to show it off to those they dislike ... trust me haha

  3. chubbypenguin: you may look thru here or Maxis web for the price =]

    Johnny: hahaa but they can showed off earlier la.. since the black market alr have it.. buy from Maxis to show off bit too high costing..


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