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Monday, March 16, 2009

Malaysia, Penang Cherry Blossom

Reminder that this is not in Japan...  but the Cherry Blossom really here in Malaysia, Penang! 

Location: opposite PISA (Penang International Sports Arena?), Penang
Time: March 2009

I actually got these photos from an email today. and was so surprised about it... hahhaa never expect Malaysia will have ''cherry blossom'' too.

Sorry for not giving credits the owner of these pictures, because i got it from a fwd mail.
If you happen to be the owner or you know who owns these pictures, pls do leave me a note ya. THANKS.  ^.^



  1. Cherry Blossom in my hometown will be in full bloom somewhere in June.

  2. haha.. i was about to ask where u take the photos be4 i see the last sentence..
    really thought u took the photos

  3. i love that sight. simple beautiful :)

  4. hello..greetings to u..i also dont know malaysia has such nice flowers..haha..

  5. maro!! u sure that is penang or not?? i never see that also =.= swt swt

  6. reanaclaire: same to you... hahaa this was my surprise too

    alvin: hmmm i cant really confirm also...hahhaa
    but i google really got ppl blogging it too.... may be u need to go there have a look o

  7. it is penang maro. confirmed.

  8. hi myhorng.. thx for confirming..!!!! =]

  9. They are not real Cherry Blossoms. Cherry Blossom trees known as Sakura requires natural freezing or very low temperatures before they bloom. They must be some other type of flowering trees. Malaysians do not be fooled. Even those trees are pretty Sakura will not grow in your hot oven like country. I feel bad for your people because you do not have cool season unlike here in the Philippines. We have cool season during December-February and we can wear sweaters even without rain or even at noon.

  10. hi anonymous.
    thanx for dropping by....
    ya i feel bad too.. but still we are used to it.. and we no need change our wardrobe for all year long... no need take extra money to buy sweaters or winter clothes... hahhaa


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