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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Cave - 24 hours couple cafe & Restaurant @ SS2 (closed down)

Recently near my working place open jor a new cafe restaurant.... - the cave.... (24 hours couple cafe)... wat those tis mean.... i dono oh..... so i went with my colleagues and check it out.....

the restaurant quite big... at 1st we tot is one of those bistro or internet cafe... cos from outside it looks so dark....

outside the main door..... got an extra stone creature.... hmmm wats tat??? you imagine urself la... hahhaa

when the automatic sliding door open.... we see inside each part of the wall is made of stone type.... we actually went into a cave.... it was unique, stylish and more personalized ''cave'' dining concept..

walking further inside..... downstairs is serving drinks... like a small bar space....

the meal is serve upstairs..... the stairs bit scary.... must walk carefully....

there tables have its own private corner / cave hole.... quite a small space.... can fit 2 or 3 person only...
upstairs is quite big... many caves hole... cant even see a single piece of normal wall... all is caves.. ahhaa even the toilet also cave style rough wall.....

each table.. got a curtain for it.. hahaa

the room we sits in.. is the only biggest room from the whole restaurant.. which can fit the most of 7 ppl... but 6 of us sits in alr quite packed jor.... =.=''

dont knock urself on those walls.... is really rough.....

there is another floor upstairs...

the menu here.... not cheap.... is more like middle high class style.... serve all kinds of food... pasta, western, chinese etc..... all at least RM20 and above

the cheapest for set lunch is range from RM12.90 - RM15.90 nett only chinese food.. hahaha

fried hor fun

cantonese hor fun

chicken dice fried rice

the food not bad..... but the most important thing is paying for the environment la.... inside not bad..... quiet and cooling... romantic too... hahahaa

The Cave Couple Cafe & Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No 42, Mezzanine Floor,
Jalan SS2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Updated: 31-12-2010
the Restaurant had closed down!!


  1. Looks like a cool hangout. Must go check it out! Only for couples? Aww shucks....gotta get a date to go then!

  2. if the food is not nice, with that higher food pricing, they may not survive that long

  3. ya... the place is cool and special... i just tried the lunch menu...not bad... (jus expensive) others never try yet... so i not gonna commend on the food la.... but is still worth to explore it... :-)

  4. damn nice le...i'm gonna hang out wf fres there :)

  5. what's with their menu? u don't associate cantonese hor fun with a cave do u? they could've come up with something creative like, dinosaur sauce chicken chop, or caveman hor fun~.~"

  6. good suggestion realgunners... ahha may be u can recommend them those names...

  7. hehe nice place.. think it will last for another 3 or more months only...

    ppl dont really go back to such place for second time do they?

  8. expensive or not?

    but i worried by the time i go in whole floor is full of condoms.


  9. - i.r.v.i.n.e - : why not goin the 2nd time?? the environment not bad mar...

    Ron Jerem Lee : not cheap... hahaa...
    err... no comment about tat issue but when i go... nothing on the floor la... lolz

  10. such place ppl just dont head to on the second time? too many mamaks around =P

    i will go for second round..that is only to bring my frens to try it out heh. I think such business they had plans in short term earnings.

  11. b.r.e.d. want to said

    tonite we wil gv a best bro birthday..
    so we plan to go to the CAVE cafe to gv him a surprise..

    'he don't know we will go'
    cos it was planned by her gf..
    is up cuming wife..

    hope he wil like it

    happy birthday bro

  12. hi b.r.e.d

    hope ur bro enjoy the lovely date... :)

  13. looks n sounds dmn dodgy la..wat exactly are u suppose to do in those spaces ar? hahaha...

  14. Has the Cave Restaurant closed down? Tried making a reservation. Reply was tel no not in service!

  15. Has the restaurant closed down? The phone lines seem disconnected !

  16. hi Anonymous: yup, unfortunately the restaurant had closed down few months back. Too bad they cant survive.


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