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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Motor crash under a proton car

that day went out lunch with mum... came across the junction at sekyen 17...... suddenly i saw this...!!!

OMG... it shocked me..... !!!... the motorcycle is right underneath of the car's tyre.....

i was then looking everywhere..... where is the motorist???

'phew'' fortunately they actually fell at the other side of the car.... i think its a couple riding the motor... and i saw two guy trying to carry up a woman from the floor...while the other guy was ok...

then i have to pass through already... cos cars behind me was ''honk-ing''...

gosh... motorcyclist is so dangerous... just any knock or slight bang can cause a motor + motorist to be ''thrown'' away or end up underneath the car.... ~~~ A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T

i got once saw a motor covered from the front till the back but left both side open.... i think its more to save the motorist from rain... why not cover up at the both side too for safety??... hmmm then i think it will looks more like a car (1 seated car)... hahahaa

btw, motor is still the most convenient transport in the city during traffic jam... and is cheap too compared to a car.


1 comment:

  1. yr pic is fresh from the oven..not bad.. perhaps can post in the star paper to get the rm50.. haha..


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