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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clean MAC keyboard and screen

haha.. today sunday... not much things to do...while watching the artistes 512 fund raising program.. i decided to clean my dirty keyboard !!!

do believe why i say is dirty?? look the pix... hahhaa can u imagine it??

i started to clean a small part... then decided to blog it.... so take some pix lor.... can see the big difference b4 n after... on the ''enter'' button

overall the keyboard button is.... awfull..!! yellow and brownish dirty... o.O

especially the ''delete'' button.... used it most often..

i actually online to search for a better way to clean it.... actually i drag-ed for so long not cleaning it is because i dono any ways to clean it...!!!.... no instruction... no demonstration... how?? so i decided to implement find out myself.... (err any side-effect i really dono... dont blame me if anything goes wrong)

the tools needed :
1) some (lots actually) cotton bugs
2) a small squeeze of toothpaste (haha ya the wan u use for brushing teeth)
3) some water (to rinse it with cotton bug)

** warning : the water not suppose to pour on the keyboard...!! just to wet it for ease cleaning and rinse the toothpaste away

just dip the cotton bug into the water.... get some tooth paste... and start cleaning each of the button.... and wipe it... with some non fabric cloth...

hahaa... half done.... the ''P'' is much more cleaner jor...

here u are.... everything done..... :D

hahaha.. i'm so happy...... a brand new keyboard again.... hehehee

next is to clean my imac screen....
finally took out the black cloth attached in the box set.... i always ''ng share duck'' use it... cos is from apple.. hahaha... but today decided to take it out... hahaha got a mac logo there tooo

aiks... see the dust???..... wow......

now everything is so clean..... hooray..!!!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. thanks for sharing
    now i can clean my mac
    good day

  3. Why not consider a silicone skin for your keyboard? It's a little bit ex but i havent regretted buying mine. Very convenient, and i wash it once every week. The only downside is that it still feels better hitting on the keyboard without the silicone la.

  4. HAHa.. welcome robin..

    cj : i gonna buy it too.. cos havent clean it so din consider to buy... but think now hav to la... thx

  5. interesting interesting..would never clean it until dust accumulates till i cant type properly haha! if not get a black colour keyboard

  6. kudos come clean mine!!! lol...

  7. Use alcohol and cotton bud. It is safer than using water

  8. hi borneo falcon
    i scared the alcohol will ''eat'' the words on the keyboard eh....


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