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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jinelle ~~!!

haha.. just back from penang... luckily still in time to wish you...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY   dearest Jing ~ Jing ~ ...jinelle ..!!!!   (nearly singing jingle all the way ~~) heheeeee 

a strawberry covered with chocolate cake for you..... faster make a wish and cut the cake.. it looks so tempting la... i wanna eat too...!!!!!  hahaaa

wish you always stay young and beautiful
wish you always cute and adorable
wish your business growing fast.. growing big...


lets go..... cheerss....!!!!>...  heheheeeee



  1. This cake is awfully chocolate! Really lovely, and looks very yummy!! hungry now...

  2. happy birthday jing! hehe..
    gosh, where did u get that cake?? looks so delicious!! nice? i wannntttttt

  3. wow that choc cake is really thick and fattening ..... gimme quick

  4. hie hie chean!!!! thanx so much oh!!!! so happy to see this.. hehe... although i visited ur blog a bit late.. cos i dun get to go online.. but i m so touched for the special column...muaks muaks muaks!!!!! thanx for that cakie .....but can i eat it??? :P hehehe...thanx for the pressie n sing k session oso!!! everything was great until.....that someone gave us something "memorable"...all of us got a great "big" shock of our life ytd... u know wat happened la...haih~~
    but lets forget the bad things :P...


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