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Monday, July 14, 2008

new apple keyboard protector

being cleansing my mac keyboard previously... i think is time to protect it before it turn yellow or worst. 
bought the shield from epicentre yesterday. not cheap but i think is the lowest price i saw from a few of mac shops. 

hahaa... who ever will drop the whole ice cream cone on it?? but with the sheild.. it can be washed off now... yeah...

so before i install it... i clean the keyboard i mention in previous post - cleaning new mac keyboard hahaa from the cotton bug... can see its dirty again... gosh why so fast....

looks brand new?? hahhaaa

its a transparent silicon 

it is just designed to fit in place perfectly... 

yeah.... done... !!  

nicely fitted..... dust no more.....  :-)



  1. how much do u bought that apple keyboard? and the protector?

  2. looks so cute. i thought its a candy bar initially. but its a little bit opaque, it maybe hard to see the letters i guess.

  3. it was cost RM68.

    ahhaa candy bar.... hmm blur on the letters becos of my 3.0mp hp cam la.. the wordings is still ok.. btw unless is a beginner on keyboard la.. if not should be familiar jor..

    just pressing the button still need sometime to get used to it

  4. mxdgfxjbThe silicone cover collects dust in its own way too. It gets sticky after some time, but u can always wash it so its no big prob.

  5. ya... bottom alr start sticking dust... but can be washable still ok la... HAHaa

  6. Cool! Where did you buy it?

  7. hi ann...
    i got it from malaysia - epicentre at Pavilion shopping centre :)

  8. YES!! I found a Mac freak as me!!
    I'll get Macbook soon :)

  9. how much u buy the apple keyboard?

  10. shah... my apple keyboard come with the imac... HEhehee


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