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Friday, July 4, 2008

how miserable...

many things we actually cannot control in life....

the things i want or wanted it to be
most of the time appear to be the other way round...

the things i don't want
will actually definitely appeared to be...

why human life is so miserable... and uncontrollable...

渴望的事情 往往都是相反的結局
不希望發生的事情 就偏偏一定發生..

人類就是這樣的悲哀.. 我一定是悲的那個

哀.. 真想這樣的躺著..慢慢昏睡去..起不來.. 不再去想東想西的....不需再去面對..那有多好..




1 comment:

  1. Life is like that, we don't often get the things we want.
    You can live the fullness of it or trying to change it.
    I think the best is for us to grow and change ourselves, jia you~


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