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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

crapping on iPhones and i

Reminder: you might feel dizzy after reading this post. please be aware that i'm not responsible on any unwell effect on this ^.^

I think i remember mentioning in my previous post that i wanna share some of the iPhone apps that i'm using. However till now never start blogging about it. Worst still i have actually stop blogging for MONTHS due to some personal issues.

I start using my dream phone since the 2nd generation ~ iPhone 3G way back in Oct 2008. It was actually Hong Kong set I got it from mobile retail shop before iPhone Malaysia had actually launched in March 2009. It was way damn expensive which is almost double or the original price.

I waited for iPhone 3GS arrived in Malaysia before i subscribe with Maxis iPhone plan. Then I sold it off before i got the iPhone 4 from Singapore. However, that iPhone 4 was having some proximity problem. So i sold it as soon as possible and got in time for the first batch of iPhone 4 from Maxis. But i'm not that crazy to line up at Gardens for it but instead through MEP, which waited for another 2 days only. You know no matter the iPhone is having problem or not, having the local warranty is the safest. ^.^ (lazy to go Spore for the warranty)

Honest speaking, iPhone is quite a good gadget for investment. Why? because the 2nd or 3rd hand value is quite high compared to normal mobile and smart phone. However, due to lower price on newer version of iphone (commodidate and the mass production of iPhone 4 in the market now, i doubt that iphone 4 will have high resell value like the previous 3G and 3GS.

I have several friends and colleagues start using iPhone since the iPhone 4 launched in Malaysia. Almost 8 out of 10 people on the street is using iPhone now. Not only youngster but also old folks and kids because its too convenient and easy to use.

Sad to say not everyone are familiar with the iPhone functions actually. They just got it from Maxis or Digi for activation. As long it can make phone call thats it. But most of them don't know actually need to sync it to your iTunes to activate (telco had done it), back up, updates and also transferring photos, music, documents, apps etc. So there will be problems in future depends sooner or later only. Some solve their problem by paying for jailbreaking their iphone to have songs and apps in it. However i find Jailbreaking is even worst, because problems will be more serious that might cause ur iPhone to be dead/ mulfunction. Besides loosing all the apps and information, you may even lost your iPhone.

** Just my 2 cents. There are always rooms to learn. I hope i won't get wack by posting this.

I crapped too much by now. My ''long gas'' problem is back again. oopz gtg


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