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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

car passenger litters middle of the road

It is so common to see many malaysians throw rubbish out of their car while they are waiting at traffic lights or driving. Can't they just kept the rubbish and throw it when they reach the destination? I once saw someone throw a full McD plastic bags out of the car, which i think they just finish their McD meal in car.

The most disgusting act is motorist or drivers spit on the road just while waiting at the traffic lights. How nasty is it for those who are behind you forced to see the ugly action. Some are even terror that they spit while driving!! With the speed of driving, its not hard for their ''spit'' to end up on YOU !! (i mean your vehicle)

Last weekend i came accros this Proton Inspira while i stopped at a long queue traffic light. Suddenly i saw the passenger of this car open his door, a hand come out of the car slowly to the bottom near the road with a can drink. He then roll it under the car.

I was like O.0 puzzled what is he trying to do? It's like something often in the movie you saw police or robbers throw and roll out a toxic gas quietly. (HEhheee sorry too much movies and imagination)

However nothing happen until the traffic light turns green. I keep an eye of the object on the road when my car passby. Oh my goodness is an empty can of Tiger Beer !!!

This stupid guy of that Proton Inspira just throw out a RUBBISH on to the road ''quietly''. Is the road his rubbish bin??

So on the next traffic light i took down this photo. But due to the strong back-light my iPhone can't focus the number plate. It is XXX 8080 (better don't reveal the full number i scared they chase me like tiger shhhhhh!)

I think if they are in Singapore, they would be caught already right?? Hope our government impose strict rules on road litters!!



  1. Let me share with you something even worst that happen to me, I was driving behind this SUV, actually quite near, someone just throw a empty can which almost hit my windscreen, thank god it did not.

  2. nava: aiks... thats terrible. it may somehow crack the windscreen if in high speed. those are really unconsiderate people.


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