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Sunday, September 12, 2010

my third iPhone - iPhone 4 (proximity sensor problem)

Waited Maxis to launch iPhone 4 but still no news about it.
Decided to sell off my iPhone 3GS before iPhone 4 is launched but can't wait too long without an iPhone on hand..... so i finally get my set of iPhone 4 from Singapore!!

here you go... the pretty iPhone 4 ~

protected with the anti-glare film.. very nice anti-glare from Powersupport. using this brand since iPhone 3GS and never tear or bubble after using for a year.

got a free switcheasy nude cover from brother... can't get a white iphone 4... so pick a white cover to replace it hahahaa...

very nicely fitted.. and is just so thin

so far no poor signal or call drops when talking on iPhone 4. perhaps the signal problem is just in US due to their service provider. Maxis is so far so good.!

one thing i found bad about iPhone 4 is the proximity sensor problem!!
i often accidentally muted/ hold the call becoz my cheek touches it. and once i was talking on the phone for sometime... it's making 2nd call .. due to the face touches and start scrolling to address book and start making calls.. hope Apple will do something about it soon !!



  1. hey dear~ whats up lately?? din hear from you for very very very long time!!! envy at u that u got your iph4 adi^^ any problem while using it?? hope to hear from you again..

  2. hi lisa.. long time no see !!.... sorry busy and lazy to blog past few months...

    iphone 4 not bad... not much prob... no worry... after all there is warranty.. hahaha


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