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Friday, September 12, 2008

Apple's 2G iPod touch [unboxing pix]

Besides the 4G ipod nano, APPLE came out with the latest 2nd generation of iPod touch today too !!

The new second generation iPod touch is also thinner, with a rounded, polished aluminum back, but it also ships in a simpler, smaller case as well, just like the Nano. It also introduces Genius playlist creation, audio recording features when used with a mic, and a built in Nike+ iPod receiver.

it polished aluminum back is so shining like mirror.

like the iphone 3G, it was updated with the iPhone 2.1 software 

the unboxing of new iPod touch :

in the box: 

comparison with the iPod classic.

reference :



  1. *sigh* why don't they just add a camera to iPod touch !!! T______T

    it would be perrrrrrfect with a camera ! :D

  2. still prefer my160G ipod video... more stable...

  3. I hope I will buy the next ipod touch LOL not this one LOL

  4. hey, is the new ipod touch available in the store now in malaysia?


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