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Sunday, February 22, 2009

eat too much this weekend

last weekend go jap jap jap (eat eat eat) again.. . hahahaa

saturday went to Pavilion again... coz wanna send my keyboard for check up at ''epicentre'' there... hmmm but they cant do anything and wanna check my whole imac... =.='' how am i gonna carry the imac to pavilion??? !!!! so just forget it and till today i havent did anything... may be will bring to the ''machines'' @ 1Utama will do.

@ pavilion... we try out the Pancake House International

two club sandwich with a small portion of spaghetti

sausage with honey syrup original pancake. love the mini sausage.... very crispy and delicious...
but quite disappointed with the pancake... food review

at night treat my family a dinner @ Khuntai for thai food.... coz last week told them that i tried with friends : blog and the food is quite nice....

the fried sotong - very crunchy... yoooo

fried glass noodle..

pandan chicken... (hmmm the meat bit hard ohhh >.<'' )

the tomyam seafood... is great... !

thai steam fish...

i think ate too much spicy and hot stuff food...!!! got sore throat the next day..

sunday eat soup noodle.. hahahaa at Traditional Pan Mee @ Kota Damansara...

pan mee soup...

and hot soya mini glutinous ball ... love this very much...

evening.... went out movie with See Wei, Pin pin and Sing Leng... we watched the ''famous'' Curious Case of Benjamin Button (movie review) hahha coz heard that the movie is great... but end up.. i dont think is that great lorrrr....

after movie... sing leng went off first.... then we continue window shopping... and had dinner at Chao Yen Teochew Cuisine ... ate the most expensive porridge coz i not feeling well..... so kelian....

菜圃蛋 kind of vege which is bit salty... nice to fried with omelet egg... love it!

sweet potato porridge

see wei wanna make funny face there... but end up.... -.- (cannot see la!!)

porridge also can eat till we so full..... must have a sit... hahahaa

until... 11pm... the security come and chase us away.... >.<



  1. I want to eat pandan chicken!!!

  2. hahaha eating is good..
    it satisfies our stomach! =D

  3. tolanic: hahaa actually i had been sometime dint eat pandan chicken alr..

    kenwooi: ya.. satisfies my stomach now... but need more exercise later.. hahaaa


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