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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Chap Gor Meh 2009

so fast... 15 days of CNY is ending.....  tonight nothing to do...

went out dinner with Sing Leng, Jing & Bf and the Bf's fren for dinner..
They brought me to this famous Thai Food restaurant ~~ Khuntai @ Petaling Garden... 

when we just reached there... there was a lion dance in the restaurant... hahhaaa  

but luckily they is open for business... the lion dance took around 15mins only...

all the customers stop eating to watch it.. haha

at the end got fire crackers too..!!!!!

they put it on the long ladder..

too long never see fire crackers..!!! forgotten is so LOUD..!!!! i stand so near to take pictures... i'm total ''deaf'' after that... need some time to recover....  =.='''

jing and me..

some famous dishes we ordered.... nice try...

its spicy... luckily i still can eat... hahahhaa

love the (nangka) water chestnut dessert....

further food and information about Khuntai Restaurant can be found here

we had a very full and satisfied meal.. hahhaa    

lastly... HAPPY CHAP GOR MEH...!!!   


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